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Financial institutions look to cloud technology for resilience, scalability, and accelerated delivery. But the financial services industry faces some of the most challenging obstacles to cloud migration and modernization:

Ensuring regulatory compliance

Maintaining security and control over your workloads

Ensuring High Availability (HA) and resilience

Optimizing IT costs

Complicating the calculus, public cloud poses serious risks, including vendor lock-in and the security hazards of multitenancy. Financial services need a way to optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their cloud, maximize ROI, and maintain security and control.

Your cloud, your way

Mirantis brings deep expertise to overcome the challenges faced by financial services. We build and optionally manage private and hybrid clouds tailored to your needs, providing guidance and enterprise support to help you get the most out of your infrastructure. Our suite of technology and services includes…

Containers and Kubernetes: Whether you need to build and run containers with enterprise support, orchestrate containerized workloads with Kubernetes (or Swarm), or make it easy for your team to work with Kubernetes, we provide a proven, future-ready enterprise container stack.

Virtualization: Run your private cloud and deploy virtualized workloads with Mirantis’ time-tested OpenStack distribution, built on Kubernetes for resilience, scalability, and easy upgrades.

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24/7 global support & managed services: Our best-in-class infrastructure experts provide around-the-clock support for your operations. Need more? With our OpsCare Plus service tier, Mirantis engineers remotely manage your cloud, so you can focus your time and resources on innovation.

Training: Need to get your team up to speed on OpenStack, containers, or Kubernetes? Our industry-leading training is available remotely or on-site.

Application migration and modernization: Automate migration of legacy applications to containers with our Application Migration & Modernization Platform (AMMP).

Customer stories

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Mirantis Supports Société Générale’s Journey of Cloud Native Transformation

Société Générale needed a container platform suited both for a wide range of applications, from legacy software to future innovations. It had to be robust enough to serve a global user-base while meeting the most rigorous security requirements—and giving Société Générale’s team the tools to swiftly shape resources for developers and clients.

Using Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Mirantis has helped Société Générale build a cloud native platform that runs more than 1,000 apps all around the world, with 33,000 containers running on 9,000 cores.

“We have people from Mirantis working with us on a day-to-day basis; when we are doing major upgrades or working on a complex incident, we can work with Mirantis experts and even their development team.”

— Florent Carre, Cloud Infrastructure Specialist at Société Générale Learn more

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Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets Expands Risk Analysis Models for Data Scientists by Scaling to GPUs

When RBC Capital needed more computing power to expand risk analysis models, Mirantis worked with them to shape GPU support in the Mirantis Kubernetes Engine container platform. Today, RBC Capital’s quantum data scientists are able to run large, complex risk analysis models by scaling Kubernetes pods onto GPUs.

“Developers started realizing that, hey, look, I can free up my time now. I can focus on my core development, and I don’t need to deal with the traditional operational issues. That was quite eye-opening for us, and we started seeing the ROI very early on.”

— Manoj Agrawal, Head of RBC Capital Markets Compute and Data Fabric Learn more

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MetLife Transforms Customer Experience with Application Modernization

MetLife customers and agents needed a better experience across all of MetLife’s offerings. But 400+ systems of record and 6,000 applications are expensive to maintain and create integration challenges.

With Mirantis’ secure container platform, MetLife reduced the time to market for new services — from 18 months to 5 months — and reduced TCO for a single technology stack. The user experience improved for both customers and employees.

paypal_logo_2014-2x paypal_logo_2014-2x

PayPal Manages 200,000 Containers in the Cloud to Speed Transactions

PayPal was processing over 200 user payments per second across PayPal, Braintree, and Venmo. But deploying across different architectures and clouds led to slow turnaround times for deployment and maintenance.

With Mirantis’ container platform, the company migrated over 700 applications, running 200,000 containers—and achieved a 50% productivity increase in building, testing and deploying applications.

“We are deprecating 15 years worth of toolsets and building a consistent operating model across multiple clouds.” — Meghdoot Bhattacharya, Cloud Engineer, PayPal Learn more

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