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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Simple, flexible, and scalable container orchestration & enterprise container management

Container orchestration is powerful—but no one ever said it was easy. Avoid the pain and get back to mission-critical engineering with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, the enterprise Kubernetes platform for deploying containers at scale.

Use Kubernetes, Swarm, or both, and experience the fastest time to production for modern applications across any environment.

Enterprise container orchestration

Avoid lock-in. Run Mirantis Kubernetes Engine on bare metal, or on private or public clouds—and on a range of popular Linux distributions.

Reduce time-to-value. Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box dependencies including Calico for Kubernetes networking and NGINX for Ingress support.

Leverage open source. Save money and maintain control by using a full stack of open source-based technologies that are production-proven, scalable, and extensible.

Focus on apps—not infrastructure. Enable your IT team to focus on building business-differentiating applications when you couple Mirantis Kubernetes Engine with OpsCare Plus for a fully-managed Kubernetes experience.


Kubernetes Enterprise Security Checklist

Kubernetes and cloud applications let complex systems run reliably in unreliable environments.


Kubernetes Enterprise Security Checklist

Kubernetes and cloud applications let complex systems run reliably in unreliable environments.


How it works

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine gives you the power to build, run, and scale cloud native applications—the way that works for you. Increase developer efficiency and release frequency while reducing cost. Deploy Kubernetes and Swarm clusters out of the box and manage them via API, CLI, or web interface.

Kubernetes, Swarm, or both

Different apps—and different teams—have different container orchestration needs. Use Kubernetes, Swarm, or both depending on your specific requirements.

Simplified cluster management

Get up and running right out of the box—then manage clusters easily and apply updates with zero downtime using a simple web UI, CLI, or API.

Integrated role-based access control (RBAC)

Fine-grained security access control across your platform ensures effective separation of duties, and helps drive a security strategy built on the principle of least privilege.

Identity management

Easily integrate with your existing identity management solution and enable two-factor authentication to provide peace of mind that only authorized users are accessing your platform.

OpsCare Plus

Just 2 weeks until clusters are deployed, tuned, and ready to go with 24x7 managed operations.

Customers are saying…

We’re happy to build Kubernetes on-premises with MKE…On-premises, we’ll keep using Swarm and Kubernetes side-by-side.”

Patrick Monbaron, System Engineer at Vaudoise Insurance

This is the best container orchestration platform. Before, it was difficult to manage all the nodes. But now, it’s easy to add and deploy. I can also see the performance in one place, which is important. MKE is very flexible, too: I deploy it on our existing server.”

Senior Software Engineer on G2

We have people from Mirantis working with us on a day-to-day basis; when we are doing major upgrades or working on a complex incident, we can work with Mirantis experts and even their development team.”

Florent Carre, Cloud Infrastructure Specialist at Société Générale

A rich partner ecosystem

Real-time cost monitoring and management

Cloud native data protection

Cloud native security tooling

Application-aware networking

Cloud native API management

Cloud native networking and network security

DevOps and CI/CD

Our partnerships with industry leaders provide a rich ecosystem of integrations. Visit our partner page to explore more.

Get started with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Want to learn more about Mirantis Kubernetes Engine—or experience it for yourself?

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine Trial

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Mirantis Kubernetes Engine Datasheet

Learn more about how MirantisKubernetes Engine provides the fastest time to production for modern applications across any environment.

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine Docs

Explore the Reference Architecture, Deployment Guide, API Reference, and other docs to get all the technical details.

Customer stories

Enterprise container orchestration, solved

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is best deployed and managed using Mirantis Container Cloud, or for single clusters, via Mirantis Launchpad, a per-node container-based installation process.

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine works with Mirantis Container Runtime and Mirantis Secure Registry to provide users with the ability to comply with corporate and architecture standards, trust the provenance of all applications, and ensure a secure separation of concerns—without impacting developer productivity.

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is also used as a part of Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, to provide orchestration services for our containerized OpenStack offering for customers looking to deploy a robust, modern virtualization environment.

Want to simplify cloud native development even more? Mirantis' enterprise Kubernetes platform integrates tightly with the rest of our suite to create a powerful ZeroOps stack:

Lens Autopilot

Accelerate development with cloud native DevOps-as-a-service—bringing automation and cloud native expertise together to deliver guaranteed outcomes.


Deliver applications seamlessly using our next-generation ZeroOps application delivery hub. Don’t waste time learning and running Kubernetes. Just push your code.

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