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Latest Releases

Learn Containers 5 Minutes at a Time: An Introductory Guide for Developers

This concise, hands-on primer will lead you through the fundamentals of containerization, giving you the foundation you need to start building with containers.

By Eric Gregory

From Virtualization to Containerization: A Guide for VMware Admins and Other Smart People

Discover how your organization can successfully transition from virtualized to microservices-based application architectures to accelerate your company’s speed of innovation.

By Bruce Basil Matthews

Python for Mere Mortals: Learn Python by Building a Single Project - Even if You're not a Programmer

Learn the fundamentals of Python by building a simple RSS reader, even if you’re not a programmer.

By Nick Chase

Service Mesh for Mere Mortals: A Guide to Istio and How to User Service Mesh Platforms

Learn how service meshes can help achieve Zero Trust, RBAC, and more in a microservices-based architecture — all with a hands-on, sidecar-oriented Istio project.

By Bruce Basil Matthews