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For over ten years, customers have leveraged Mirantis software and services to successfully accelerate IT modernization initiatives, while reducing risks.

Mirantis provides foundational software, support, and services to enable and sustain some of the largest and most technologically-advanced clouds in the world, for customers in Federal, State, and Local government, US Military, Law Enforcement, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Research, Education, and more broadly in business.

With Mirantis’ support, our users are realizing their objective of improving mission-critical services on a range of platform configurations, including local data centers, cloud providers, hybrid cloud, distributed cloud, and DOD-regulated private clouds.

Mirantis solutions use intelligent automation to help manage complex cloud and software development technologies. We help our users deliver optimal results quickly, again and again, within mission specifications.

Manage cloud complexity - Modernize legacy applications 6x faster than manual methods. Speed containerized application delivery and management – lowering developer and operator learning curves and helping teams quickly focus on mission imperatives

Ensure security, resilience, and compliance - With auditable, governance-first developer and operations workflows that enforce security, enhance software quality, and make operations and hardened platform configurations dependably repeatable

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Mirantis Use Cases

Mirantis’ customers leverage our solutions to realize advanced application capabilities along with increased security, regulatory compliance, and infrastructure flexibility, while decreasing time required to transition to containerized applications and secure, scalable infrastructures.

Deliver highly-secure, compliant, and performant Gov Cloud, and High Side cloud-native applications on secure, efficient substrates of varying complexity

Build and operationalize general-purpose clouds - delivering virtual machines, network and storage services, development/testing/production environments, container orchestration (container engines, Kubernetes, Swarm), and/or special-purpose clusters (e.g., GPU farms for AI) on demand

Create and manage special-purpose clouds - providing dynamic resources for hosting and scaling mission-critical High Side applications (including network security and AI) with unique environment and performance requirements.

Engineer advanced telecommunications network and satellite services - leveraging technologies like Network Functions Virtualization to emulate network and communications components in software on generic hardware, speeding delivery of software-defined services while simplifying infrastructure and platform logistics, and controlling costs.

Rapidly modernize legacy applications into cloud-native forms that run efficiently and are easy and safe to maintain and improve

Mirantis products and services have been applied to a wide range of situations to accelerate accomplishing and exceeding Mission Objectives. A few examples:

Faster Authorization To Operate (ATO)

Deployed on FedRamp-approved cloud providers and Data Center physical infrastructures, Mirantis CAAS-G enabled rapid provisioning of secure, consistent environments whose states are fully known, and that do not drift over time (CAAS-G centralizes, automates, and locks down cluster configuration and updates). Such environments can be readily approved for use and then duplicated at different scales, enabling fast, reliable delivery of logically-identical container orchestration environments as mission requirements dictate. New Mission Infrastructure design and deployments are based on an already approved STIG and related PEN tested stack, greatly accelerating security testing. The result is faster ATOs, through:

Faster deployments of already ATO’ed infrastructures for new Missions and Program Environments.

Efficient use of infrastructure resources – scale platforms to the Mission in known-approved configurations

Orchestration flexibility - use Kubernetes or Swarm orchestration as Mission requirements dictate

Consistent, fully-STIG documented and PEN tested orchestration platforms speed containerized application development and enable workflow automation

Stay in Compliance and Provide Mission Critical Services

Agencies now deploying Mirantis platform-independent, lightweight containerization and orchestration tools (e.g., Mirantis Container Runtime and Mirantis Secure Registry with FIPS 140-2 registration) have an advantage in that the tools have less attack surface than other vendors’ tool sets, which shorten time to ATO and inherently improve security.

Reducing Costs of Network and Telecommunications Systems

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Container Network Functions (CNF) are emerging standard technologies for duplicating multi-service network functions (e.g., SIP-based telephony switching, video and audio streaming, stateful inspection, packet routing, 5G mobile base station management, etc.) as isolated, composable software components.

Mirantis customers are putting these technologies to use in combination with Mirantis Application Containerization and Orchestration solutions, gaining unparalleled flexibility and speed in service provisioning and delivery on generic compute hardware – eliminating the need for purpose-dedicated, expensive telecom and networking gear. The result is quick adaptability to changing situations, improved system performance, and reduced hardware cost. For field deployments, logistics complexity is also greatly reduced, since a limited range of basic hardware types can support an unlimited range of network, telecom, mobile, and application hosting requirements.

Facing Real Time Edge Data Feeds

Agencies that are Edge-heavy data producers, especially around Anti-terrorism & Surveillance, are faced with tens of thousands of realtime edge data feeds including video, audio, substance, and activity sensors. Data collection, threat evaluation and alert generation needs to occur in real time. Many agencies use Mirantis Containerization and Orchestration along with Mirantis Infrastructure Management (IaaS) to provide centrally-administered, consistent platforms for distributed data aggregation, storage, evaluation, and escalation – freeing up staff to focus on their mission: keeping their area and citizens safe.

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