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How to Gain Faster ATO and Approvals for Cloud Native Applications

Innovating for the public sector can be slow, risky, and expensive without a solid, fully-STIG’d, strongly-supported platform stack to ground your efforts

Containers and Kubernetes deliver huge benefits for public sector entities that need to deliver innovative software reliably in diverse environments – providing maximum speed, with maximum security, while controlling costs. But gaining FedRAMP approvals on challenging baselines, and helping customers achieve Authorizations to Operate, can be a fraught, expensive, and time-consuming process: slowing your critical mission timelines and derailing opportunities to innovate.

Picking the right cloud native platform stack provides fundamental insurance that your authorizations can proceed efficiently. A full-stack cloud native/Kubernetes platform, all components of which are covered by current DISA STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides validated by the Defense Information System Agency), provides an ideal starting point for application innovation. Read this white paper to learn:

Why a fully-STIG’d cloud native platform stack from a single vendor may be more secure than DIY solutions, as well as operationally more efficient.

The critical role of the cloud native platform vendor as partner/collaborator in obtaining ATO for real solution implementations.

How platform quality can dramatically improve developer efficiency, enabling focus on application-building vs. platform security and operations.

You’ll also read about Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Mirantis Container Runtime, and other Mirantis cloud native stack components – now in final stages of approval for coverage by their own DISA STIGs – and how these integrated, fully-STIG’d products can work to speed innovation in the public sector, fintech, and adjacent demanding markets.