Webinar: Why FIPS matters: Validated security for a secure software supply chain   |   Save My Seat

Webinar: Why FIPS matters: Validated security for a secure software supply chain  |  Save My Seat

ZeroOps for cloud operators

Container orchestration and cloud, solved

Create the cloud your business needs to succeed. Spend less time on routine operations and more time creating value.

A balance of automation and cloud native expertise

Technology holds the promise of smart automation, but before you even get there, you need to conquer basic problems such as developer self-service and CI/CD. Our cloud native experts work with your own operations team to provide guidance and solve problems.

Access the skills you need

One of the hardest things about running a technical operation these days is finding skilled resources, and it’s only getting worse. Mirantis has a deep bench of cloud experts all over the world, making it possible to deal with problems locally—and in your language and time zone.

Take the burden off developers

DevOps philosophies ask developers to handle more of the security, testing, and infrastructure decisions for their applications, leaving them less time to focus on code. We support developers with ZeroOps by providing a self-service environment.

Monitor and manage infrastructure
the easy way

It’s no longer enough to simply deploy an application: Our ZeroOps operations helps you monitor it and make sure that it’s running, predict problems before they happen, remediate issues before they cause a problem, along with a host of other post-deployment tasks.

Here’s how we can help


Centralized Kubernetes/Swarm and/or OpenStack deployment and lifecycle management on any bare-metal infrastructure, private, or public cloud


Complete, flexible, scalable Kubernetes and/or Swarm orchestration


Open-source infrastructure as a service (IaaS) on a resilient Kubernetes substrate


Hardened, Docker-compatible, OCI- and FIPS-compliant container runtime for secure container development with execution prevention


Container registry with image scanning and cryptographic signing/promotion

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