Technology Partners

We partner with different technology vendors to build integrated and supported solutions targeting customer use cases.

Interested in a specific use? We offer a portfolio of Validations designed to target concrete areas. Each Validation includes a use case assessment, solution design, implementation and testing, and joint go to market activities. Our Technology Partners can choose to work on one or more Validations.

We are constantly extending the portfolio, adding new Validations so our customers and partners can be more successful.

NFV Solution Validation
Edge Cloud Validation
Enterprise IT Validation
HPC Validation

Managed Cloud Provider Partners

We partner with Managed Cloud Providers to offer our customers global flexibility for off-premises deployments, a rapid on-ramp to open private cloud without complexity, and alternatives for a total cost of ownership reduction.

Training Partners

We partner with Training providers to offer the best open cloud education and certification around the globe.

Mirantis Training Partners have access to Mirantis Training collateral. Additionally, Training Partner instructors have deep technical knowledge of Mirantis products, open source technologies, and the modern cloud ecosystem.

Partner Catalog

Search our Partner Catalog for support in the development, deployment, training, and more.

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