Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) represents an evolution of open cloud technology — deployed and lifecycle-managed with CI/CD and DevOps tooling; complete with built-in metering and monitoring; able to host VM, container, and bare-metal workloads; and engineered for simplicity, stability, performance, and scale. Based on open source frameworks like OpenStack and Kubernetes, MCP is compatible with a wide range of hardware and with select compute, storage, and networking infrastructure, examples of which are shown below.

  • 6WIND

    Mirantis and 6WIND are partnering to accelerate OpenStack networking for NFV and data center use cases. The 6WIND Virtual Accelerator Fuel Plugin automates deployments for virtualized infrastructure that accelerates packet processing by offloading vSwitching to the network stack. 6WIND software solves performance challenges for network operators in telecom, enterprise and cloud infrastructure markets.

  • A10 Networks

    Mirantis is partnering with A10 Networks to integrate support for A10 application networking technologies into the Mirantis OpenStack distribution. A10 Networks is a leader in application networking, providing a range of high-performance application networking solutions that accelerate and secure data center applications and networks of thousands of the largest enterprise, service provider and hyperscale web providers around the world.

  • Avi Networks

    Avi Networks and Mirantis are working together to offer elastic application delivery and powerful application analytics in Mirantis Cloud Platform.

    Avi Networks Load Balancer VNFs (LB and VNF manager) run on top of MCP. The deployment automation is written in the Cloudify TOSCA format. The Avi Networks VNF is validated via the VNF Validation automation framework.

  • Big Switch Networks

    Mirantis and Big Switch Networks are partnering to accelerate OpenStack deployments on SDN-based cloud fabrics built with commodity bare metal switches. The joint solution involves the Mirantis Fuel installer for OpenStack with Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) network plug-in. Customers can rapidly stand up OpenStack clouds that are scalable, resilient, operationally simple and highly cost optimized. The Mirantis Fuel installer provides a simplified interface which dramatically accelerates deployment of Openstack while giving customers the flexibility to tailor Openstack to their needs. Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric Controller programmatically interacts with OpenStack orchestrator to provision logical networks onto the ultra low-cost leaf-spine fabric in a zero-touch manner, thus enabling tremendous application agility and rapid change management.

  • Brocade

    Mirantis OpenStack implements Brocade’s SDN plug-ins for Neutron, enabling deployment and configuration of virtual networks using Brocade VDX switches with VCS fabric technology; Brocade ADX L4-L7 application delivery switches; and Brocade Vyatta vRouter and SDN orchestration software. Mirantis and Brocade are collaborating to bring additional Vyatta functionality to OpenStack

  • Cataleya

    Cataleya is a leader in IP networking technology, with a strong track record in developing and deploying next generation carrier grade session border controllers (SBC), pushing the envelope in an all IP paradigm. Mirantis and Cataleya are partnering to facilitate robust deployment of Cataleya's Orchid One vSBC platform, which applies data analytics, machine learning, big data analysis, voice quality analysis techniques, and advanced software based frameworks to provide IP-based carrier voice services that are reliable, predictable, secure, and of very high quality, along with real time visibility into, and analytics of voice service transport and application layers. Cataleya's final objective will be to deliver a framework that lets customers deploy friction-free, scalable voice services and offers efficient automated management of all service instances.

  • Cisco

    Mirantis and Cisco are partnering to certify Cisco's ACI SDN against Mirantis OpenStack. Mirantis OpenStack 5.0, 7.0, and 8.0 are also certified on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) B-series blade servers and C-series (M4) rackmount servers (both UCSM 2.2.1). Mirantis is a Cisco-Certified Solution Partner.

  • Citrix

    Mirantis and Citrix are partnering to facilitate deployment of Citrix NetScaler Application Delivery Controller in enterprise and service provider data centers, targeting the Mirantis NFV reference platform. NetScaler creates an ADC connectivity layer that can provide functionality such as Load Balancing on demand at any desired point in a VNF or virtualized infrastructure layer service chain. Citrix has also created a Fuel Plugin to simplify deployment of XenServer, a commercial virtualization platform based on the open-source Xen Project Hypervisor, opening up new avenues for enterprise application and desktop virtualization.

  • Ericsson

    Mirantis and Ericsson are partnering to deploy Mirantis carrier-grade OpenStack software in the Ericsson cloud software platform used for telecommunications networks, internal data centers and cloud computing services that Ericsson offers to its customers. In addition to using Mirantis OpenStack for carrier-grade deployments, the Ericsson Global Services organization will deploy and integrate Mirantis OpenStack for the IT operation of mobile operators and service providers. Ericsson is also an investor in Mirantis.

  • F5 Networks

    Mirantis and F5 Networks are collaborating to integrate F5 BIG-IP products with Mirantis OpenStack, commencing with support for F5 LBaaS.

  • Harmonic

    Mirantis and Harmonic have collaborated to integrate Harmonic VOS — a leading IP video service framework — with Mirantis OpenStack on Mirantis Cloud Platform. More information is available at www.harmonicinc.com.

  • IBM

    Mirantis and IBM have collaborated to develop a reference architecture that will enable Mirantis OpenStack to manage compute nodes hosted on IBM Power Systems servers, which offer extensive hardware support for virtualization, support very high thread counts, and offer advantageous price/performance for compute-intensive applications like Big Data analytics and media transcoding, as well as general enterprise computing.

    Mirantis has also published and validated Murano packages and other methods for deploying a wide range of applications, in several key categories, including:

  • Juniper Networks

    Mirantis and Juniper Networks are collaborating to innovate and deliver solutions that help service providers and enterprises rapidly deploy scale-out clouds integrating Mirantis OpenStack with Juniper Contrail Networking and OpenContrail.

  • Metaswitch Networks

    Mirantis and Metaswitch are working to enable highly-automated deployment of support for the Metaswitch Perimeta Session Border Controller with the Mirantis NFV Reference Platform, based on Mirantis Cloud Platform. Perimeta SBC offers a session-based firewall with session and media components that enables carriers to defend their network perimeter against high-volume attacks while enabling continuous processing of legitimate VoIP call traffic. The Metaswitch VNF is validated via VNF Validation automation framework.

  • Nuage Networks

    Mirantis and Nuage Networks are partnering to certify the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) on Mirantis OpenStack. Nuage’s VSP provides components that virtualize switching and abstract physical network infrastructure. VSP provides open APIs, and enables policy-driven automation for agility and security in large-scale multi-tenant enterprise clouds. It supports additional Nuage offerings such as Virtual Network Services (VNS), which simplify extending centralized enterprise cloud services to branch offices and remote sites.

  • Openwave Mobility

    Mirantis and Openwave Mobility are partnering to facilitate the deployment of the vUDR solution via OpenStack. Openwave Mobility’s solution is the industry’s first NFV certified UDR. It is 3GPP compliant, massively scalable and built for distributed NFV deployments.

  • Palo Alto Networks

    Mirantis and Palo Alto Networks have joined forces to deploy Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation security solution as a virtual network function (VNF) on Mirantis Cloud Platform, protecting applications from cyber threats while taking advantage of the agility, cost savings, and innovation of OpenStack. Palo Alto VNF is validated via VNF Validation automation framework.

  • Pensa Networks

    Mirantis and Pensa Networks are partnering to validate integration of Pensa's Maestro Studio with Mirantis OpenStack. Maestro Studio provides a Virtual Lab-as-a-Service to enable the rapid adoption of SDN and NFV technologies by simplifying design and validation of virtual networks. Purpose built to extend DevOps and 'Infrastructure as Code' concepts to networking, Maestro Studio lets customers easily step through network design, application deployment, use-case validation, performance benchmarking and interoperability testing.

  • RIFT.io

    Mirantis and RIFT.io are collaborating to enable robust, rapid, at-scale deployment of the RIFT.ware NFV platform on Mirantis OpenStack, creating a joint, fully-open solution for composing, orchestrating and lifecycle-managing standards-based, containerized VNFs on OpenStack IaaS. RIFT.io technology and services empower enterprises to successfully deploy virtualized network services on private and hybrid cloud, and accelerate service providers' efforts to deploy NFV-enabled virtualized networks. Any network application built with RIFT.io technology can intelligently take advantage of any cloud’s unique capabilities and operate at any scale. RIFT.io is a privately held, global company with offices in the United States and India. For more information about RIFT.io, visit http://riftio.com/. Follow us at @RIFT_io.

  • Cloudify

    Cloudify offers an NFV orchestration solution that supports multiple VIM's. It has an open source version and uses TOSCA based Network Service Descriptors for VNF deployment and Lifecycle Management. Mirantis integrated the Cloudify NFVO with the Mirantis Cloud Platform NFV tuned stack, and it can be used as an orchestration layer in the VNF Validation automation framework.

  • ONAP

    The ONAP Platform Amsterdam release is supported by Mirantis Cloud Platform as an option for the MANO layer for NFV tuned stacks. ONAP is deployed on top of OpenStack infrastructure, as ONAP is a cloud native application.

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