Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) represents an evolution of open cloud technology — deployed and lifecycle-managed with CI/CD and DevOps tooling; complete with built-in metering and monitoring; able to host VM, container, and bare-metal workloads; and engineered for simplicity, stability, performance, and scale. Based on open source frameworks like OpenStack and Kubernetes, MCP is compatible with a wide range of hardware and with select compute, storage, and networking infrastructure, examples of which are shown below.

  • Avi Networks

    Avi Networks and Mirantis are working together to offer elastic application delivery and powerful application analytics in Mirantis Cloud Platform OpenStack and Kubernetes, evolving Avi Networks' next-generation ADC with integrated visibility and analytics.

  • Dell EMC

    Mirantis and Dell EMC have partnered to test and validate a broad range of Dell EMC data center hardware for interoperability with Mirantis Cloud Platform. Mirantis and Dell EMC seek to help joint customers architect, provision and integrate high-performing, highly available, and cost-efficient open clouds for a broad range of application and workload types. Dell EMC's parent, Dell Technologies, is also an investor in Mirantis.

  • Fujitsu

    Mirantis and Fujitsu are collaborating to ensure interoperability of Mirantis Cloud Platform with Fujitsu data center hardware.

  • Harmonic

    Mirantis and Harmonic have collaborated to integrate Harmonic VOS — a leading IP video service framework — with Mirantis OpenStack on Mirantis Cloud Platform. More information is available at www.harmonicinc.com.

  • Intel

    Mirantis Cloud Platform supports a wide range of Intel datacenter infrastructure. The roadmap for MCP reflects collaboration by Intel, Google, and Mirantis to enable Kubernetes to work as the underlying orchestration engine for containerized OpenStack; work begun under the Intel Cloud for All initiative. Intel Capital is also an investor in Mirantis. Visit the Mirantis Partner Page on Intel's Cloud Builders ecology website.

  • Talligent

    Mirantis and Talligent are partnering to simplify open cloud management with clear visibility and actionable insights into your cloud costs and consumption.

  • Trilio Data

    Trilio, the creators of the first and only comprehensive data protection platform native to OpenStack, is a preferred provider of backup and recovery solutions for Mirantis Cloud Platform, offering enhanced data retention, protection and integrity for workloads running on OpenStack.

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