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Mirantis Secure Docker Container Registry

Your private, cloud native hub for container images.

Software supply chain attacks paralyze businesses—often introducing malicious container images early in the development pipeline. Public registries are rife with corrupted images. How can you keep development moving forward swiftly and securely?

​​Mirantis Secure Registry provides an enterprise grade, docker trusted, container registry solution that can be easily integrated to provide the core of an effective secure software supply chain.

Enterprise-grade security

Centralize control for container images: Store, share, and manage images from a secure docker registry under your control, enabling developers to use and run only approved images.

Protect and verify: Scan images against a continuously updated vulnerability database, and validate with cryptographic signing.

Secure and accelerate CI/CD workflows: Automatically promote images from test to prod for a secure, efficient software pipeline—all while maintaining policy-based controls.


Kubernetes Enterprise Security Checklist

Kubernetes and cloud applications let complex systems run reliably in unreliable environments.


Kubernetes Enterprise Security Checklist

Kubernetes and cloud applications let complex systems run reliably in unreliable environments.


How it works

Public container registries are hosted out in the open, while many private registries operate from providers’ clouds. Mirantis Secure Registry works where you need it—including on your clusters themselves, putting you back in control.

Mirantis Secure Registry is an enterprise-grade container registry that can be easily integrated with standard Kubernetes distributions to provide the core of an effective secure software supply chain:

Repositories can be configured for automated scanning.

Spot vulnerable images at a glance.

Role-based access control

Integrate with internal user directories to implement fine-grained access policies. Synchronize multiple repositories for separation of concerns from development through production.

Image scanning

Continuously scan images at the binary level and check against a regularly updated CVE vulnerability database.

Image signing

Developers and CI tools can digitally sign contents and publishers of images, so downstream users and automation tools can verify image authenticity before running.

Caching and mirroring

Mirror and cache container image repositories to avoid network bottlenecks and make images available across multiple sites for distributed teams and production environments.

Image lifecycle

Automatically clean up images based on policy controls such as the date of the last update or the number of recent images you want to keep.

Policy-based image promotion

Streamline your development and delivery pipeline and enforce security controls with promotion policies that automatically gate images, ensuring only approved content makes its way to production.

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Get started with Mirantis Secure Registry

Want to learn more—or experience Mirantis Container Registry for yourself?

Mirantis Secure Registry Trial

Check out Mirantis Container Runtime on Linux or Windows.

Mirantis Secure Registry Datasheet

Learn more about Mirantis Container Runtime provides the foundation of a secure software supply chain.

Mirantis Secure Registry Docs

Explore the Mirantis Secure Registry Reference Architecture, Installation Guide, Operations Guide, API Reference, and other docs to get all the technical details.

Your private container registry, solved

Mirantis Secure Registry drives software supply chain security across our cloud native stack. It integrates closely with Mirantis Container Runtime, which is FIPS-140-2 conformant and uses a cryptographic module validated by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).

Mirantis Secure Registry can be one component of a transformative ZeroOps strategy, enabling you to reduce costs and accelerate development. Explore how you can build on your runtime to create a complete ZeroOps stack:

Mirantis Container Runtime

Secure, industry-standard container runtime—Docker interface included. The keystone of a secure software supply chain, integrating tightly with Mirantis Secure Registry.

Lens Autopilot

Accelerate development with cloud native DevOps-as-a-service—bringing automation and cloud native expertise together to deliver guaranteed outcomes.

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