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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management - Application Delivery Hub

Increase developer productivity now- just push your code.

Your ZeroOps application delivery hub. Want to build sites and deliver applications faster? Don’t sweat: with and Lagoon, you can reap all the benefits of Kubernetes without even knowing it. We do it for you. All you do is push code.

Apps, not opps: Developers can spend more time focused on application development and not operations, accelerating app delivery. Use’s Lagoon to easily deploy your applications in a Kubernetes- based cloud environment.

Infrastructure agnostic: Fully ready to run on any compliant public cloud or on-prem Kubernetes cluster. Leverage your existing, or any available, cloud resources.

Host anything, anywhere: Infrastructure operators can provide developers with an application deployment infrastructure that can support any on-prem or public cloud service, in any language.

100% open source: No black box. No vendor lock-in. Full transparency to see all the code and get a full view of your application delivery.

See results in less than 4 hours

How it works

You choose a deployment model

Choose from fully or self-managed deployment models, with handling the day-to-day operations of the infrastructure. Or use Lagoon-as-a-Service in conjunction with your own existing Kubernetes clusters.

You choose location

We will set up and manage our scalable platform on the server of your choice, whether it’s in our cloud infrastructure, your own cloud infrastructure account, or your own on-premises data center to support full data sovereignty.

Receive highly-personalized support

Receive dedicated support via a Technical Account Manager who both advocates for your specific needs and actively monitors for potential threats, trends, and opportunities for improvement.

Get Global CDN & WAF

Boost your website performance with a complete security and content optimization system managed by and built into your ZeroOps platform.

A ZeroOps PaaS, by developers, for developers.

Because we allow our developers to use Kubernetes without learning it - at all. Lagoon is the open-source application delivery platform for Kubernetes, built specifically for the web and its developers.

Customers are saying…

I can open chat and ask anything and someone is always there to respond within minutes.”

Justin Mauslein, Platform Engineer, Matterport

We build bespoke solutions that can’t run on other hosting providers besides”

Gareth Hall, Website Architect, Communica’s platform capabilities and highly skilled team, mixed with their partnership frame of mind, have turned a hosting relationship into an essential part of our business.”

Kristof Van Tomme, CEO, Pronovix

Modern businesses get big
results with ZeroOps



Supporting enterprise SaaS demand with dedicated Kubernetes-based web hosting



Managing increased website demand during COVID-19



How a SaaS startup saved more than $70k and reduced go-to-market time by 1+ years


Simply push your code.

We do the rest for your apps.

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