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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management

Mirantis Container Cloud

Single-pane infrastructure management for on-prem and cloud environments.

Provisioning and managing cloud native infrastructure doesn’t have to be a moonshot. In fact, it can be as simple as point-and-click.

Mirantis Container Cloud gives administrators and developers the power to deploy Kubernetes and OpenStack environments from a single pane of glass—across on-prem, hosted bare metal, and public cloud.

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Mission control for infra

Unified interface for all your infra: Mirantis Container Cloud gives you a single console to manage your entire hybrid infrastructure estate.

Zero-downtime updates: No more scheduling work around updates. Get access to new features faster—with zero downtime for clusters and workloads.

Self-service for developers: Give your developers the power to effortlessly create, observe, and manage Kubernetes clusters, all with custom guardrails.


Mirantis Gives You Choice for Hybrid/Multi-Cloud

While public clouds are popular for digital transformation, private, on-premises clouds remain an important part of many companies’ IT strategies.


Mirantis Gives You Choice for Hybrid/Multi-Cloud

While public clouds are popular for digital transformation, private, on-premises clouds remain an important part of many companies’ IT strategies.


How it works

Many organizations run hundreds or thousands of clusters at edge sites, and workloads may be orchestrated across multiple cloud providers or on-prem data centers. How can you standardize operations for all of those environments?

Mirantis Container Cloud provides a unified control plane spanning multiple clouds and infrastructure platforms. Easily manage clusters on OpenStack, VMware, bare metal, and leading cloud providers, including AWS and Azure—while built-in StackLight gives you comprehensive visibility.


Full stack management

Manage the full stack of Kubernetes and related technologies in one platform, covering the container runtime, networking, storage, and more.


Integrate with everything

REST APIs let you connect with enterprise IAM, CI/CD, or other modern operations or dev/test workflows to easily build self-service tools.


Easy spin-up (and clean-up)

When you provision a cluster, Mirantis takes care of everything—networks, security groups, load balancers, and more. When you’re done, it’s just as easy to delete a cluster: all components are automatically cleaned up for you.


Secure and simple

A mature, layered, role-based security and secrets model protects critical credentials and limits permissions—without slowing you down.

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OpsCare Plus: Guaranteed Outcomes

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Deploy environment &
applications in hours - not days

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Deploy against Mirantis
validated best practices

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Always current releases ensure
stability, security & uptime

Get started with Mirantis Container Cloud

Want to learn more—or experience the power of Mirantis Container Cloud for yourself?

Mirantis Container Cloud Datasheet

Learn more about Mirantis Container Cloud delivers a consistent cloud experience for developers and operators across public and private clouds.

Mirantis Container Cloud Docs

Explore the Mirantis Container Cloud Reference Architecture, Deployment Guide, or other docs to get all the technical details.

Infra management, solved

Mirantis Container Cloud deploys, manages, and maintains both Mirantis Kubernetes Engine container-based deployments and Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes virtualization environments.

If you need to speed up development and reduce costs even further, we’ve got you covered. Mirantis Container Cloud serves as the foundation for an entire ZeroOps stack:

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Full-featured, CNCF-validated, secure, production-ready, enterprise Kubernetes. Use MCC to deploy and lifecycle manage MKE clusters dynamically on private cloud, public cloud, or bare metal, with just a few clicks.

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes

Resilient, scalable, performant, containerized OpenStack infrastructure as a service (IaaS), easily deployed and managed with MCC. MCC can also deploy Mirantis Kubernetes Engine clusters on the MOSK OpenStack substrate, creating one efficient private cloud infrastructure for VM and container workloads.

Lens Desktop/Lens Pro

The most popular and powerful Kubernetes IDE and dashboard, enhanced with collaboration and other features from the cloud.

Lens AppIQ

Application deployment, governance, and management for Kubernetes.

Lens Autopilot

CI/CD as a service plus Kubernetes expertise - for guaranteed outcomes. (Lagoon)

Just push your code to deliver applications seamlessly, using our next-generation application delivery hub.

Application Migration and Modernization

Moving clouds? Let Mirantis apply its proven model and best-in-class automation platform to discover and assess all your apps for a tailored strategy that determines which apps to rehost, replatform, and refactor for your cloud-native environment.

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Modernize important applicationsfor containers and Kubernetes, so your new cloud delivers future-proofed ROI quickly.

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Improve security, resiliency, data protection, and operational fluency of your target platform.

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Squeeze costs from legacy applications with rapid rehosting and replatforming options.

With Mirantis Application services, you can move to the cloud with confidence: Our experts will migrate your applications while retaining their core features and functionality.

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