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Mirantis Container Cloud

The Most Secure Container Platform for Any Cloud

Mirantis Container Cloud simplifies container infrastructure management with one platform for deploying and scaling containerized applications securely from the data center to the edge.

+  Hybrid & multicloud+  Full stack management+  Self-service

Any App, Any Cloud, One Platform

Applications and workloads have different infrastructure needs and may be spread across multiple bare-metal servers and public or private clouds, making management complex, time-consuming, and costly. Mirantis Container Cloud simplifies infrastructure management by allowing you to deploy clusters anywhere on demand with one consistent experience, reducing operational overhead and making your developers more productive.

Mirantis Container Cloud is the de facto choice for the world’s most regulated industries, with end-to-end security enabled by default and the highest level of compliance with FIPS 140-2 and DISA STIG. The self-service portal enables developers to create, observe, and manage their own Kubernetes clusters within established guardrails so they can ship code faster.


Spend More Time on Apps, Less on Ops

Accelerate Developer Productivity with Container Cloud

Time spent on infrastructure management is mission critical, but not innovative. Our container platform is designed to reduce the time and money your team spends on non-differentiated work so you can focus on what matters most.

One Consistent Experience

Your cloud everywhere — use your choice of cloud provider, private cloud infrastructure, or bare-metal to deploy clusters running Kubernetes, Swarm, or both. Easily manage applications across multiple clouds and regions, all from a single pane of glass.

Developer Self Service

A user-friendly web interface and APIs enable developers to easily create, observe, and manage Kubernetes or Swarm clusters within guardrails for each Mirantis Container Cloud environment and role.

Key Features & Capabilities

Zero touch operations

Automated lifecycle management ensures software updates are applied continuously and without downtime. Get access to the new features you need, faster, and with less risk.

Single pane of glass

One point for operations integration, spanning multiple clouds and infrastructure platforms. Built-in Stacklight lets you observe everything in your multi-cloud estate.

Full stack management

Manage the full stack of Kubernetes and related technologies in one platform covering the operating system, container runtime, networking, storage, service mesh, image registry, and more.


Hardened, certified Kubernetes

Certified Kubernetes engine integrates best-of-breed technologies like Istio Ingress and Calico networking, and the platform can be customized for your unique business requirements.

Integrate with everything

REST APIs let you connect with enterprise IAM, CI/CD, or other modern operations or dev/test workflows to easily build self-service tools.

Security enabled by default

A mature, layered, role-based security and secrets model seamlessly protects critical credentials and limits permissions without slowing you down.

Run applications anywhere

The ability to run clusters anywhere makes your containerized workloads and configurations highly portable. A true open experience so you can avoid lock-in.

Continuous, zero-downtime updates

Stay 100% current with patches to the platform and relevant dependencies, while maintaining availability of management and child clusters. Guaranteed through extensive testing and validation.

Hybrid & multicloud

Container Cloud is optimized and tested to easily manage clusters on OpenStack, VMware, bare metal, and leading cloud providers, including AWS and Azure.


Reduce time to market by enabling developers to easily spin up their own dev and test clusters in minutes on any cloud. All necessary components (e.g., networks, security groups, load balancers, etc.) are automatically taken care of in the background. Just as easily click to delete a cluster when it’s no longer needed. The cluster and all its related artifacts will be automatically cleaned up for you.

Extend with Kubernetes IDE

Use Mirantis Container Cloud with Lens — the leading Kubernetes IDE — to quickly obtain deep insights into objects and container workloads with real-time observability built in.

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Get started with Mirantis Container Cloud

Mirantis Container Cloud provides you with a single set of APIs and tools to deploy, manage, and observe secure-by-default, certified, batteries-included Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure.

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What public cloud providers can I support with Mirantis Container Cloud?


Mirantis Container Cloud supports Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Equinix Metal with more options to come in the near future.


Can I use both my private cloud and public cloud services at the same time?


Yes, Mirantis Container Cloud supports the use of private clouds, public clouds, multiple public clouds, or a hybrid cloud approach.


How do I take advantage of both private and public clouds for my applications?


Mirantis Container Cloud provides a single pane of glass for managing clusters on any supported infrastructure, and allows you to integrate your CI/CD pipelines in conjunction with the Container Cloud API to deploy your applications as you need.


What type of security does Mirantis Container Cloud provide?


Our Mirantis Container Runtime is FIPS 140-2 compliant, validated by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), and fulfilling key requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).


How is Identity Management simplified with Mirantis Container Cloud?


Both Container Cloud and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine integrate with your Identity Management System, synchronizing your users across these systems.


Do I have to worry about version changes of the various open source components in my infrastructure?


Mirantis Container Cloud will handle the deployment of validated combinations of the various open source components which make up the Mirantis Cloud Native Platform, so that you do not have to worry with testing and validation of specific versions.


How does Mirantis Container Cloud manage lifecycle management for my infrastructure?


All updates are fully automated including Operating System, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Mirantis Container Runtime, and Logging Monitoring and Alerting.


How does Mirantis Container Cloud simplify the deployment of upgrades and updates within my infrastructure?


Mirantis Container Cloud provides 100% automated and zero touch updates – running clusters are upgraded with no downtime and the majority of cloud native workloads also experience zero downtime.


How can I simply manage multiple clusters, which may be running multiple versions of Kubernetes?


By using Lens, the world’s most popular Kubernetes IDE, you are able to unlock situational awareness and enable users to easily manage, develop, debug, monitor, and troubleshoot their applications on any CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution across multiple clusters.