Webinar: Why on-prem should be an important a part of your cloud native strategy   |   Register Now

Webinar: Why on-prem should be an important a part of your cloud native strategy

Mirantis Container Cloud

The Most Secure Container Platform for Any Cloud

Mirantis Container Cloud simplifies container infrastructure management with one platform for deploying and scaling containerized applications securely from the data center to the edge.

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The more you know about Mirantis Container Cloud and how it works, the more you'll benefit. Here's a selection of our expertise to get you started.

What Is Cloud Native and Why Should I Care?

Cloud native is a buzzy term in tech, these days. But what does it mean? And why should you care?

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is software that automatically manages, scales, and maintains multi-container workloads in desired states

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Mirantis Container Cloud

Mirantis Container Cloud (formerly Docker Enterprise Container Cloud) offers enterprises unprecedented speed to ship code faster on public clouds and on-premise infrastructure. 


Mirantis Container Cloud

Higher level overview video about MCC, created by Binary Pulse; Offers a more general & complete view of the MCC...


Cloud-Native Data Protection and Management Across Any Kubernetes, Any Cloud and Any Storage

As more companies adopt cloud-native technologies like containers and Kubernetes to build new applications and modernize existing apps at scale...


Security Hardening for Containerized Deployments across Multi-Clouds

In this webinar, we will examine how to add robust cryptography to the containerized applications that process sensitive data. Our...


Mirantis Container Cloud (MCC) | CN211

In this rapid introduction to Mirantis Container Cloud, students will learn how to deploy Kubernetes clusters to AWS using MCC, as well as how to manage MCC user permissions, Stacklight-based monitoring and logging tools, and third-party monitoring integrations. Students will leave the workshop with a proof-of-concept MCC deployment bootstrapped on their own AWS account for future exploration and study.

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Mirantis Container Cloud enables you to ship code faster by enabling speed with choice, simplicity, and security. Through a single pane of glass you can deploy, manage, and observe Kubernetes clusters on public clouds, private clouds, or bare metal infrastructure.