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Cloud Platform Operations

Create and consume flexible, secure, performant cloud platforms, anywhere

Your infrastructure powers your business - the foundation that enables your developers to run and manage your critical applications at scale.

Mirantis Cloud Platform Operations Services empowers operational efficiency with comprehensive cloud expertise we can apply to architect, deploy, optimize, and even seamlessly manage your platform(s). Mirantis can place experts at the disposal of you projects, on demand. Let us help you get the ROI you want from your cloud.

Focus on innovation & deliver value for your business.

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Architecture Design Assessment

Our ADA service is the first place to start, if you’re contemplating a cloud journey or looking to evolve existing cloud strategy and facilities to the next level. Using a many-times-proven, time-efficient methodology, Mirantis will assess the current state of clouds and applications, learn from you where you want to go, then provide a complete, and vendor-neutral roadmap for getting you there, tuned to your unique business conditions, requirements, workloads, users, and cost structure.

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OpenStack is the leading open source infrastructure-as-a-service cloud framework: a mature, feature-rich alternative to VMware, ideal for building private clouds and offering a user experience similar to working with public clouds. Mirantis helped build OpenStack, and has a decade of experience making OpenStack secure, performant, and enterprise-ready. We provide fast and tailored service to get you up-and-running quickly.

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Infrastructures evolve to meet new demands. Leverage Mirantis expertise to help you build, migrate, and re-integrate your cloud infrastructure quickly with minimal downtime, letting your team remain productive on critical-path goals and avoid the time demands and complexity of cloud building. Mirantis has the specialized engineering talent needed to make clouds work – Solution Architects, QA and DevOps Engineers, Storage and Networking specialists.

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Discover the Value of Mirantis Services

Mirantis Services empowers customers to create extraordinary experiences by providing expertise and guidance at any stage of the journey. Our experts combine cloud native technology with years of experience and proven methodologies to help customers optimize the cloud. We deliver solutions tailored to your unique needs.

We are not just another vendor: We are your true cloud partner.

Deep expertise: We are long-time OpenStack experts and leaders in containers with extensive open-source expertise.

Customer-first approach. It’s your cloud journey. We get you to where you want to be.

Collaborative and transparent: We work openly and honestly with you, communicating along the way.

Adaptive: We are committed to tackling big challenges and delivering excellence.

Innovative: Our engineers take an iterative approach that fuels growth.

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