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Why open infrastructure is key to controlling your IT strategy

Ditch vendor lock-in and achieve digital sovereignty with tailored open source solutions for strategic IT, supported by Mirantis

Broadcom changed the rules on VMware customers, and many companies are looking for cost-effective, safe exit options for different VMware workloads.

Proprietary infrastructure platforms make your IT strategy vulnerable to unwanted pricing, policy, and product decisions by a vendor. To reduce risk, your teams need an open infrastructure solution that will let you provision environments however and wherever you want. One that can support your existing service portfolio and dramatically lower infrastructure costs. These are some of the reasons why many VMware customers are moving to OpenStack.

Mirantis has been a leading OpenStack provider for over a decade. We specialize in tailoring open infrastructure solutions for large enterprises, delivered with white-glove support. We harden and validate all open source components, and no closed-source offerings are embedded in our products.

  • Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes - Provide self-service VMs, networks, storage, and associated services from your own customized private cloud — delivered with Kubernetes for high scalability, resiliency, and fully-automated Day 2 operations.

  • World-class enterprise support -  Choose 24/7 proactive support or managed services with up to 99.99% SLA.

  • Workload Migration Services - Safely transition VMware workloads to OpenStack with a customized end-to-end migration plan, migration expertise, and automated tooling.

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