OpenStack is the leading open source private cloud infrastructure-as-a-service framework – providing a feature-rich, mature environment for hosting virtual machines, networks, and storage.

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes delivers performant, scalable IaaS, containerized and optimally configured for Kubernetes, deployed, observed, and lifecycle-managed by Mirantis Container Cloud on bare metal hosts.


Cloud Native Private Cloud

With Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, Mirantis Container Cloud (MCC) can deploy, observe, and lifecycle-manage full-featured, multi-tenant bare-metal private clouds at any scale: in datacenters, in colos, or at the network edge. Wherever you need to host virtual machines.

Seamless, Simple Experience

Mirantis Container Cloud provides one pane of glass for deploying, observing, and managing Mirantis OpenStack and Mirantis Kubernetes clusters across your multi-cloud. Operate all your platforms and see all your metrics in one place for both legacy and cloud native applications.

One Point of Integration

Easily integrate Mirantis Container Cloud with directory, notifications, ticketing, IT process management and other tools. Deliver OpenStack and Kubernetes clusters pre-provisioned, secured, and ready for work.

Observability Onboard

MCC deploys Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes with fluentd-based telemetry pre-integrated for the Mirantis StackLight OSS toolchain. Clusters arrive already monitored. Observability is enhanced with rich dashboards and analytics, developed by Mirantis over almost a decade of OpenStack remote operations experience.

Kubernetes Resiliency and Dynamic High Availability

Configured and operated as a Kubernetes workload, Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes is self-healing and easy to scale. Independent control-plane components can scale horizontally for performance and availability when traffic spikes occur.

Continuously Updated

Updates and upgrades to Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes can be rolled out manually or continuously with minimal disruption to the OpenStack control plane and workloads, using Kubernetes native rolling-update facility.

Why OpenStack on Kubernetes?

Mirantis Cloud Native Platform

Mirantis Cloud Native Platform
MOS runs on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine as a coordinated suite of containerized workloads whose state is maintained by Kubernetes controller/operators running locally, and on the Mirantis Container Cloud parent Kubernetes cluster — the latter largely concerned with lifecycle management of the Kubernetes underlay and its supporting bare metal infrastructure. MOS gains many kinds of resilience and upgradeability by leveraging Kubernetes native features:
  • Reliability through self-healing and autoscaling – Failure of a Kubernetes worker running OpenStack control-plane components stimulates respawn of these workloads on available capacity. Increased demand on control-plane functionality can trigger horizontal autoscaling of impacted components, maintaining required service levels.
  • Isolation of component dependencies within Docker images – Underlying hosts can be updated as required without breaking OpenStack components.
  • Rolling updates out of the box – OpenStack containers can be updated seamlessly in a standard Kubernetes rolling update procedure, without impacting control-plane availability.
  • Easy networking with K8s building blocks – Use of Kubernetes enables firm isolation of OpenStack cluster networks from user virtual networks, improving performance and security.
  • Truly declarative state through K8s Helm auto reconciling – Use of Kubernetes operators and associated Helm charts maintains cluster state automatically and propagates changes seamlessly to designated nodes.

Community OpenStack, Hardened and Secured by Mirantis

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes gains from Mirantis’ ten-year legacy as a founding member of the OpenStack Foundation, and a leading contributor to OpenStack projects. MOS is a hardened distribution of community OpenStack (initially the Ussuri release), proven in production, containerized by Mirantis and architected to leverage special features of its secure-by-default substrate: Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise/UCP), and Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly Docker Engine – Enterprise) — the leading enterprise container runtime, DISA STIG and FIPS-140-2 certified for use by government, military, and in financial services, healthcare, and other regulated industries.

Support Options to Match Your Needs

Support Level: LabCare
Business day support for non-production
Support Level: ProdCare
24x7x365 support for production
Support Level: OpsCare
Fully managed remote operations