Why the World Still Needs Private Clouds [webinar] – w/ 451 Research & Reliance Jio

Earlier this year, Mirantis VP of Marketing John Allwright had the privilege of sitting down with Mayank Kapoor, VP of Engineering at Reliance Jio and Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst at 451 Research, for a lively discussion about public, private and hybrid/multi-clouds, and the role of each for companies in different industries and stages of maturity. Watch our webinar recording and …

Kubernetes multi-container pods and container communication

Containers are often intended to solve a single, narrowly defined problem, such as a microservice, but in the real world, problems require multiple containers for a complete solution.

What’s new in Mirantis Container Cloud 2.10

New versions of Mirantis Container Runtime & Mirantis Kubernetes Engine. Improved security, storage & cloud infrastructure management.

This week in cloud news: 7/26/21

This week we’ve got lots of noise about security holes, and a Linux distribution from Microsoft.

Introduction to YAML: Creating a Kubernetes deployment

An introduction to YAML and how to use it to create Kubernetes Pods and Deployments.

Demystifying Cloud Security Compliance Webinar with Transcript, Deck & Links

With security on everyone's mind, we wanted to bring you this webinar, "Demystifying Cloud Security Compliance", which Bryan Langston, Director of Architecture and Jason James, Director of Security provided earlier this year. Please enjoy the video or read the transcript below, and let us know how we can help! Cloud Security Compliance Presenters Bryan Langston - Director of Architecture Bryan leads the …

Kubernetes Cheat Sheet

Often you know what you want to do, you just can't remember the vocabulary or syntax for how to do it. This Kubernetes cheat sheet is designed to help solve that problem. Kubernetes provides a way to orchestrate containers to provide a robust, cloud native environment. The architecture looks something like this: Kubernetes Terms  Terms with which you should be familiar: Cluster - …

What is a Secure Software Supply Chain and Why Should I Care?

Recently there has been an increase in attacks that have compromised well known software companies' supply chains, enabling attackers to gain access to customer systems by injecting their own malicious code or backdoor capabilities into third-party systems. These third-party systems (along with the malicious code) then get incorporated into software or other digital products.  These risks are combined with the ongoing …

Mirantis OpenStack 21.3 solves Edge footprint challenges and enhances networking for Telco workloads

The latest release of Mirantis OpenStack for K8s builds upon our solid IaaS foundation to enable new advanced features for use case-specific deployment profiles. Specifically, we have introduced a number of capabilities that enable our customers to implement complex telco, edge and hybrid telco-edge cloud architectures, including new storage architecture options, east-west traffic encryption, and a slew of Tungsten Fabric …

Lens 5 for Kubernetes adds new features to securely access shared clusters from anywhere

Lens 5 includes Lens Spaces, a centralized cloud-based service that lets teams collaborate on cloud-native development.

Lens Integration with Mirantis Container Cloud 2.9

With this week's release of Mirantis Container Cloud 2.9, I'd like to take a moment to highlight some new, exciting, time-saving features. Container Cloud now integrates seamlessly with Lens, allowing you to open your clusters in Lens with a single click!   Container Cloud Lens extension You may already be aware of our open source Container Cloud Lens extension. We built this …

Mirantis Container Cloud 2.9 overview

The new release of Container Cloud is focused on improving the user experience with different aspects of the administration and operation of the cloud. On VMware, you can now select resources from lists pulled by MCC from your VMware cluster. On other providers, improved management of SSL certificates and SSH keys was added. Bootstrap was optimized for using from a …

Why the world needs private clouds

The $130B+ datacenter market is simply too large to jump onto one single bandwagon. Here are 10 reasons why you need to at least consider private cloud as part of your strategy.

Mirantis Container Cloud 2.8 brings more control and visibility

Mirantis Container Cloud 2.8 brings more control and visibility

How to Build a Kubernetes Development Environment

Learn to configure desktop virtual machines for evaluating “big software” and learning Kubernetes development