Read the Q&A from a webinar by Mirantis and Cloudify about how you can use available open source tools to create a single management environment for PNFs, VNFs, and mobile edge cloud applications.

View the Q&A from our live demo of adding a Kubernetes minion with Mirantis Cloud Platform.

KDC lets you easily create a multi-node cluster (or even multiple clusters) on a single machine by deploying Kubernetes nodes as containers. Here’s how to get it running.

An introduction to YAML and how to use it to create Kubernetes Pods and Deployments.

Providing complete lifecycle management for an application involves more than simple Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). When done right, there's orchestration involved, as well as oversight, auditability, and even, on occasion, manual approvals. Here at Mirantis, we find that the Mirantis Application Platform, based on Spinnaker, provides a way to take advantage of all of those capabilities for a …

Creating cloud-native applications requires a different way of working, and combining Spinnaker and Istio help create a service mesh that enables manageable microservices environment.

A proof of concept is a crucial part of any cloud project, and it shouldn’t be slapped together just to tick off a checkbox.

With edge, we have closed vendor solutions and open reference architectures, but nothing for VNF and software vendors to build on top of. Changing that is the first step towards virtualized edge.

Kubernetes 1.12 is scheduled for release in the next week or so, so we wanted to take a minute to look at some of the new features and changes you can expect.

In this article we’ll look at how to configure Spinnaker for a Prometheus-based canary deployment using Kayenta.

Today we released the newest version of Mirantis Cloud Platform. Let me tell you why we think MCP is great.

Earlier this year we gave you an easy way to deploy Spinnaker to Kubernetes. Now we’re giving you two ways that are even easier.

A reliable guide to deploying Spinnaker, including the magic steps it seems nobody ever talks about.

There’s a lot involved in making sure a VNF will work in your cloud, and we discussed a lot of it, including the obscurities.

Last week we presented a webinar talking about the new features in the new release of Kubernetes 1.11.

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