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Easily manage Kubernetes data storage with Portworx Enterprise on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Portworx integration for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

As organizations continue their container journey with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE), a leading enterprise container platform for building, sharing, and deploying cloud native applications, they need to choose the right storage solution for their stateful containerized applications. Enterprises that run stateful applications on Kubernetes require cloud native storage platforms that provide persistence, security, high availability, data mobility, and data automation and orchestration. This is where the Mirantis integration with Portworx by Pure Storage comes in, enabling customers to use Mirantis Kubernetes Engine with the industry-leading Portworx Enterprise container data management platform to automate, protect and unify modern data and applications at enterprise scale. 

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise) is the only enterprise container platform that provides both Kubernetes and Swarm container orchestration, enabling users to accelerate adoption of containers with an easier solution to onboard, deploy, and manage. Portworx Enterprise complements Mirantis Kubernetes Engine by providing a robust storage and data management platform, empowering customers to deploy and manage stateful containerized applications, with the option of deploying Portworx Data Services for a fully automated database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solution. Together, Mirantis and Portworx provide customers with a comprehensive, scalable data platform to build, share, and deploy modern, data-rich applications.

Benefits of using Portworx Enterprise with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Some of the key benefits customers achieve by using Portworx with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine include:

Storage automation

Portworx integrates with the Kubernetes API, easing Day 1 and Day 2 operations by enabling automation of storage operations with Kubernetes environments. This includes the dynamic provisioning of persistent volumes on-demand for applications, freeing developers to focus on building applications instead of managing storage infrastructure. By providing customers with an automated end-to-end solution for applications and databases, Mirantis and Portworx reduce customer time to market by up to 50%.

Portworx delivers event-driven automations through Autopilot, a rule-based engine that responds to changes from Prometheus, Sydig, or other monitoring sources, to react dynamically without human intervention to events. Additionally, administrators can configure policies to automatically schedule other tasks, such as creating cloud snapshots and backing up stateful applications and their volumes.

Data mobility

As more enterprises adopt multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies to avoid vendor lock-in, data mobility is critical for the seamless migration and replication of data across different infrastructure providers, supporting Kubernetes deployment anywhere. MKE runs on bare metal, on-premises private clouds, as well as AWS, Azure, and GCP public clouds. As organizations migrate containerized applications between different MKE clusters, or between different infrastructure providers, they can have confidence knowing that with Portworx, their Kubernetes storage can also move without compromising integrity.

Many enterprises are moving business-critical microservices-based applications from public clouds to on-premises cloud infrastructure, and by combining MKE with Portworx, we can provide the data mobility they need to achieve GDPR compliance, expand their customer base, or fulfill other on-premises business requirements. 


As Kubernetes clusters grow with rising application demands, customers expect seamless scaling of storage resources with optimal performance. Dynamic capacity scaling from Portworx enables workloads to efficiently scale according to usage requirements, so that data storage doesn’t become a bottleneck.

High availability and resilience

In the era of globalization and microservices-based architecture, data replication and automatic failover are critical to minimize downtime or data loss. Portworx is a highly resilient container data management platform that keeps your data available in case a disaster strikes. It supports both synchronous and asynchronous methods for disaster recovery (DR) between multiple clusters.

Kubernetes data services

With Mirantis Kubernetes Engine and Portworx, teams can spend more time building cloud native applications, and less time maintaining container or storage infrastructure. Mirantis and Portworx together provide an integrated enterprise solution, purpose-built for delivering containers, applications, and data management at scale.

For information on how to install Portworx on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, read the documentation and download our Reference Architecture and Deployment Guide.

If you’re not already a MKE customer, you can start a free trial here.

Uday Shetty

Uday Shetty is Director of Partner Integrations at Mirantis.

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