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Try Mirantis Kubernetes Engine for Free


Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is a CNCF-validated, secured enterprise Kubernetes platform, fully supported by Mirantis. The following recipe lets you evaluate MKE for free, using Mirantis’ Launchpad declarative deployer to install a basic cluster on available bare metal or virtual machines that you supply (e.g., using desktop virtualization or public cloud). Key features:

  • MKE is extremely flexible, tested scalable to thousands of nodes, and has its own DISA STIG, facilitating configuration to meet military and federal security requirements

  • Includes Mirantis Container Runtime – the most secure enterprise container engine, with Content Trust and FIPS 140-2 encryption

  • MKE’s default configuration installs complete with best-of-breed CNCF ecosystem components like NGINX ingress and Calico container networking, and is easily integrated with public cloud load balancing, DNS, and other services

  • MKE comes with a built-in webUI to facilitate basic operations, and with Prometheus installed for metrics (more advanced multi-cluster lifecycle management and observability is available when MKE is installed and managed with Mirantis Container Cloud)

  • MKE is fully compatible with Mirantis Lens, creating an ideal evaluation environment

Our free trial lets you install an MKE evaluation cluster with as little as one manager and one worker node. Or, if you prefer, we recommend installing MKE in a highly-available enterprise configuration with three managers and two workers (or more – our trial lets you install up to 15 nodes for a limited time).

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