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What is Digital

If your infrastructure is strategic, you need complete control.

Lock-in comes in many forms — it might be a service that you believe gives you a temporary advantage, or a proprietary layer in an otherwise open stack. But the result is the same: you’re no longer in control of the services you’re providing or the software you’re running. You’re at risk of vendors changing their plans, raising their prices, or just not servicing your needs.

When your infrastructure is the strategic foundation for your business, you can’t afford to trade off your future for short-term convenience.

Fortunately, Open Source software can put you back in control of your digital world.


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How Things Are Now vs.
Digital Self-Determination


- Vendors control how you operate and how much you pay for software- Unanticipated support changes and end-of-life policies force you to make expensive changes- Embedded proprietary layers create stealth lock-in in seemingly “open” products

With Digital Self-Determination

+ You decide where and how your applications run+ There are no hidden lock-ins, license provisions or other “gotchas”+ You’re not forced to make expensive changes on someone else’s timetable.

In short: you’re in control

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Closing the open source expertise gap for strategic infrastructure

Using open source software presents its own challenges. How do you know what you are running is safe, current and secure? How do you continue to have access to software innovation? Who takes care of your infrastructure? How do you handle the complexity of updates and upgrades?

Mirantis combines deep domain knowledge of cloud native technologies with smart automation and an optimized infrastructure stack, so you can leverage all the benefits of automated platforms, anywhere.

We provide a unified interface for all your infra: a single console to manage your entire hybrid infrastructure estate.

Zero-downtime updates: No more scheduling work around updates. Get access to new features faster — with zero downtime for clusters and workloads.

Self-service for developers: Give your developers the power to effortlessly create, observe, and manage Kubernetes clusters, all with custom guardrails.

ZeroOps - when you want to focus on results

Mirantis provides ZeroOps products and services. Modular and applicable at any scale that’s right for your business. We can help you accelerate modern application development on any Kubernetes or cloud platform, starting with a single project or workflow requiring improvement.

Or we can deliver a full-stack, enterprise-spanning solution that speeds application delivery and operations for your whole organization.

It’s up to you.

Mirantis lets you safely run complex open source software without the painful and risky learning curves, hard-to-predict costs, unpredictable outcomes, long-term timesucks, and distractions of wrangling infrastructure yourself. Mirantis gives you safety, efficiency and control.


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