About Mirantis

Mirantis is committed to providing comprehensive, secure, and open-source solutions with Security additions like FIPS 140-2 and STIG’ed configurations, and automated application and infrastructure deployment and monitoring modules that help users focus on application development and innovation, rather than details of deploying platforms and monitoring applications.

Our integrated solution stack comes with security, observability, and extensive automation built in – speeding cloud transitions, shortening ATOs, and standardizing operations. Our US-based support and services capabilities integrate with your team, helping you manage cloud complexity and achieve mission goals rapidly and with assurance.


Silicon Valley Defense Group NATSEC100

Mirantis honored as one of the nation’s top-tier startups in the defense and national security space.


Silicon Valley Defense Group NATSEC100

Mirantis honored as one of the nation’s top-tier startups in the defense and national security space.


Security Built In

Mirantis has engineered security into all its products and practices. For example:

Mirantis Container Runtime is DISA STIG and FIPS 140-2 certified, as are Swarm clusters created by conjoining container runtimes.

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine default configuration complies with NSA and CISA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance.

Mirantis deployment automation implements a secure software supply chain for GitOps, where human-readable deployment manifests and curated binary artifacts are stored in secured, local repositories and registries for review and approval by authorized individuals. In production, no manual changes are made to platforms.

Mirantis-engineered containerized application development workflows (e.g., for new application development, application modernization, and other tasks) implement advanced scanning for container base images and software components, ensuring that workloads can reach production with zero CVEs.

Integrated Solution Stack

Applications drive the mission. So Mirantis’ solution stack solves cloud problems from a developer-first (vs. platform-first) perspective.

Our top of stack solutions, applicable to any Kubernetes or container-orchestration platform:

Harden and extend platforms for security, resilience, data protection, and observability

Standardize, secure, and make container development workflow auditable

Abstract away platform complexities and automate application updates, scaling, and other operations

Developers simply need to “push their code.”

Our platform solutions automate deployment, scaling, and operations of hardened configurations of Kubernetes and/or Swarm on any virtualized or physical infrastructure, from datacenters to the edge clusters, including multiple infrastructures, enabling centralized administration of assured platforms for modern application hosting.

This integrated solution stack delivers rapid return on investment, plus other benefits. You can:

accelerate-cloud-2x accelerate-cloud-2x

Accelerate cloud transition for rapid ROI

Our investment in automation at every layer of our solution stack provides the best path to speed, centralized control, and trustworthy repeatability of workflows and platforms. We use “infrastructure as code” strategies – workflow, framework, and platform configurations are explicitly documented in human-readable, hierarchical files, managed using standard version control systems like Git. Configurations and artifacts can be reviewed easily, scanned for CVEs and other flaws, audited and tracked for changes, automatically tested, then promoted to production and locked down, preventing out-of-process manual changes (and attendant availability and security risks) to workflows, applications, and deployed platforms.

Assured repeatability, known security state of workflows and platforms, and short times-to-implement are the result. Mirantis top-of-stack development acceleration solutions can typically be implemented, and teams trained and made independent, in under a month. Following implementation, configuration, and validation of our automation framework (about one working week) our users can deploy platforms at varying scales, potentially across multiple infrastructures, in minutes, via a web interface. Effectively, Mirantis solutions deliver the same “on-demand” service as public clouds, but in private, secured, even air-gapped environments.

Improve Mission Focus - Simple to Operate

Modern clouds are complex, and teams are challenged to budget and staff appropriately to build and manage cloud native infrastructure and developer platforms. Mirantis’ focus on abstracting away the complexity of cloud native application development and platforms lets users staff and focus on mission and innovation, rather than cloud complexity.


How to Gain Faster ATO and Approvals for Cloud Native Applications

Innovating for the public sector can be slow, risky, and expensive without a solid, fully-STIG’d, strongly-supported platform stack to ground your efforts.


How to Gain Faster ATO and Approvals for Cloud Native Applications

Innovating for the public sector can be slow, risky, and expensive without a solid, fully-STIG’d, strongly-supported platform stack to ground your efforts.


Guaranteed Outcomes

Mirantis support and implementation services integrate seamlessly with your team to fulfill new Task Orders and deliver new cloud capabilities quickly and predictably. Our US-based support and engineering staffs work under strict SLAs and provide time-locked guarantees, including:

Delivering fully-validated, production-ready IaaS cloud and container platforms within a one-working-week target window

Extending any Kubernetes for critical-path production use, providing open-source solutions for service mesh, backup, and other critical functions often omitted by vendors, and doing so within a two-week target window

Building out complete, customized, security-centric, open source based container development toolchains and automated workflows within a two-week window.

Training and onboarding developers and making them self-sufficient - all within a four-week window

And then providing ongoing support and management as required for platforms, extensions, workflows, tooling, and for proactively solving operations and software development problems. Mirantis support capabilities provide up to 100% 24/7/365 proactive remote management for accessible clouds running public-facing and/or non-strategic applications. We also package support automation for independent use by authorized operators for clouds running in air-gapped, isolated, field, and other critical environments.

Top 5 Federal Government Use Cases
Mirantis Container Solutions

  1. Increasing defense capabilities

  2. Modernizing business operations

  3. Field mapping

  4. Real-time tracking

  5. AI/ML


Vendor-Neutral, Open Source, Flexible

Mirantis is a company founded on open source: the idea that software should be transparent, evolved cooperatively, and made available in ways that promote freedom of choice and flexibility, avoiding the “lock-in” common to proprietary software offerings- and with the realization that adding in automated operations and extensive security capabilities offers our customers increased confidence that platform flexibility with security provides a confident base from which to evolve as the technology stack evolves..

Mirantis has contributed to and sponsors major open source projects in the cloud space, as governed by the OpenInfra Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, including:

OpenStack, the leading open infrastructure-as-a-service cloud framework

Kubernetes, the leading open orchestration framework for containerized applications

Swarm, a popular open framework for container engine cluster operations, simpler and more secure than Kubernetes

Moby, the open container engine toolkit

Lens, the most popular open source Kubernetes dashboard+integrated development environment

Lagoon, an open source framework for application operationalization on Kubernetes, sponsored by Mirantis subsidiary amazee.io

Mirantis solutions are deliberately engineered for flexibility:

Our application-oriented software solutions run on any Kubernetes.

Our container orchestration solutions (Kubernetes, Swarm) run in any cloud or on bare metal, on the widest range of open source Linux host operating systems, including low-attack-surface, stripped-down Linux hosts.

Our CAAS-G platform supports both Kubernetes and Swarm, the leading open source container orchestration modalities. We also support stand-alone use of Mirantis Container Runtime and Secure Registry, giving users freedom to build out platforms and operate applications in any contemporary mode that suits their needs.

Our platform reference designs incorporate open source software-based networking and resilient storage, enabling handling of large traffic loads and resilient, cost-efficient, performant storage of large quantities of data without the need for special-purpose hardware.

Our infrastructure as a service platform (MOSK) runs on virtually any kind of datacenter bare metal hardware.

Lastly, Mirantis Training is committed to entirely vendor-neutral training and industry standard certification for developers and operators working in cloud environments.

accelerate-cloud-icon-circle-2x accelerate-cloud-icon-circle-2x

Accelerate Cloud Transition


Shifting cloud provider capabilities

Lack of trained staff

Architecture fluid

Risk of devolved capabilities

Mirantis Value

AI based application conversion reduces time by 60%

Infrastructure as a service IaaS frees up app developers

increase-mission-icon-circle increase-mission-icon-circle

Increase Mission Deliverables


Little experience converting applications for cloud

Multi-cloud requires knowledge of multiple cloud architectures

Hard to translate Mission deliverables into IT capabilities

Mirantis Value

App development is platform independent

Mirantis Professional Services knows all cloud architectures including High Side and Government-specific platforms

mission-continuity-icon-circle mission-continuity-icon-circle

Mission Continuity: absorb changing regulations and evolving deliverables


Staff has no experience in cloud operations & maintenance

Was the cloud deployment designed with best practices that allow for rapid changes?

Mirantis Value

Products are deployed in Highside, Mission critical evolving environments

Professional Services teams contribute best practices and product changes to upstream open source code-bases and governance foundations

improve-compliance-icon-circle improve-compliance-icon-circle

Improve Compliance and Reduce Risk


Cloud ATOs are very complex and unique

Evolving regulations force changes in architectures

New threats shut down systems until mitigated

Mirantis Value

Products are STIG and FIPS-140-2 compliant

Many ATO’s at DOD, Civilian and IC sites

Professional Services and As-A-Service options for monitoring and mitigating risks

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