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For Application Developers

Tools and frameworks for securing and accelerating application development and modernization on cloud-native platforms

Mirantis’ ZeroOps for Modern Apps solution portfolio is designed to accelerate and standardize development and operations of containerized applications on any Kubernetes platform. By offering comprehensive solutions that emphasize automation and ease of use, Mirantis enables developers and teams to stay focused on delivering applications, rather than dealing with cloud transition chaos and day-to-day operational distractions.

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Lens Desktop

The most popular Kubernetes dashboard and IDE. Speed developer and operator productivity by 20% or more, by making it easy to securely manage, visualize, and work iteratively with Kubernetes clusters.


Best-of-breed software development workflow automation (DevOps) solutions that harden and extend any Kubernetes for secure production, then help teams build, test, validate, and operate modern, cloud native applications on any container platform.


A lightweight, extensible PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) framework based on Lagoon, abstracting away Kubernetes complexity completely and enabling rapid implementation and highly-automated operationalization of many application types (e.g., web applications based on a front-end framework/CMS/database/back-end language stack) on any Kubernetes. Developers “just push their code” – eliminating container and Kubernetes learning curves while maximally leveraging existing experience and subject matter expertise.

Application Modernization

Consultative service leveraging AI and automation to speed identification, mapping, planning, and rapid modernization of legacy applications into modern, containerized forms – fully 6x faster than manual methods. Our application modernization experts team with you to identify and group candidate applications and their dependencies, create a comprehensive modernization plan, build automation to accelerate the modernization process, then help you execute in cadence.


How to Achieve Faster ATO on Cloud Native Applications


How to Achieve Faster ATO on Cloud Native Applications

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For Infrastructure Developers & Operators

Cloud frameworks for Public/Gov Cloud, Private/High Side Cloud, Data Center, Edge and Hybrid


The Mirantis container orchestration platform (CAAS-G) provides a hardened, ultra-reliable, fully-documented and curated open source stack that supports both Kubernetes and Swarm orchestration – the two leading modes for configuring and automating containerized application workloads. CAAS-G enables automated deployment, operations, and monitoring of consistent Kubernetes/Swarm application environments on any hardware, any cloud – simultaneously supporting a wide range of mission configurations and requirements at scales small and large.

Stand-Alone Swarm

MCR and MSR can be deployed independent of CAAS-G, to form an austere, Swarm-compliant cluster (providing resilience and simplified orchestration), or simply as an array of secure container engines with a shared registry. Mirantis solutions can thus accommodate a wide range of Mission requirements for specific cloud technologies, alone and in combination, and serve platform needs for sophistication and large scale, or simplicity and compactness, at need.Learn more about Stand-Alone Swarm

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) and Swarm

Deployed by CAAS-G on any infrastructure, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is a production-ready, hardened Kubernetes cluster model that also offers Swarm orchestration, enabling simple, point-and-click creation of mixed-mode clusters at any scale, on virtually any infrastructure, in minutes. It uses Mirantis Container Runtime (and optionally, Mirantis Secure Registry) in a solution fully compliant with NSA and CISA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance.

MKE comes pre-configured (batteries included, but replaceable) with Nginx ingress and Calico container networking, and supports all standard Kubernetes CLIs and APIs as well as a simplified webUI (and also Lens Desktop, for even more efficient operations). It integrates easily with existing identity management solutions and supports full integrated role-based access control (RBAC) for fine-grained security and separation of duties in Zero Trust frameworks.

Mirantis OpenStack on Kubernetes (MOSK)

For cost-effective, resilient, open source-based rehosting of server- or virtual-machine-resident workloads, and for building out Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds, CAAS-G can deploy MOSK, the Mirantis distribution of containerized OpenStack, on any datacenter hardware. The MOSK control plane runs on Kubernetes, making it highly resilient and easy to update. MOSK compute nodes run the KVM hypervisor on hardened, lightweight Linux, creating a dependable environment for virtualized workloads, compatible with all standard workload packaging formats for easy migration.


How to Gain Faster ATO and Approvals for Cloud Native Applications

Innovating for the public sector can be slow, risky, and expensive without a solid, fully-STIG’d, strongly-supported platform stack to ground your efforts.


How to Gain Faster ATO and Approvals for Cloud Native Applications

Innovating for the public sector can be slow, risky, and expensive without a solid, fully-STIG’d, strongly-supported platform stack to ground your efforts.


Teaming with Customers,
Ensuring Success

Mirantis Professional Services teams seamlessly with customer and partner IT, software engineering, and cybersecurity teams to enhance capabilities, modernize infrastructure and applications, and deliver ambitious platforms and solutions on demanding timetables. Some examples include:


Delivering Zero Trust at the Network Edge

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Netskope is the leading global provider of cloud-resident and cloud-based security solutions comprising the Secure Access Service Edge. Their Netskope NewEdge solution combines the functionality of a high-performance, encrypted/secure private network with insert-anywhere virtual appliances combining Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Secure Web Gateway (SWG - Web Application Firewall), along with additional services for data-loss prevention, deep traffic inspection, logging, and analytics.

Netskope has teamed with Mirantis over the past several years to engineer, build, and fully manage critical network-edge IaaS infrastructure to host and convey traffic to and from these security appliances.

Now in use in the US and fast expanding globally, Netskope’s edge datacenters, hosting hundreds of compute nodes, run smoothly on Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) – secure containerized OpenStack running on a Mirantis Kubernetes Engine substrate – enabling high resilience, reliability, and security, complying with a strict 99.99% availability SLA.

Beyond building, configuring, and fully managing the platforms, Mirantis engineers worked together with Netskope to enhance encrypted storage for this system of clouds, achieving a 100% increase in IOPS – required to capture and persist state data for thousands of security appliances. As John Sengenberger, Senior Platform Architect at NetSkope, says: “The team at Mirantis rocks. It’s your willingness to work through the challenges that keeps us coming back for more.”

Netskope NewEdge gained FedRAMP Authorization in 2019, and complies with US and global information security and privacy standards including ISO/IEC, AICPA SOC2/SOC3, CSA STAR Level 2, and TrustARC Privacy Certification, meets CDM and TIC 3.0 requirements, and provides capabilities to adopt a Zero Trust architecture adhering to NIST SP 800-207 principles. Their clients include the Commonwealth of Virginia, US Department of Veterans Affairs, TVA, Department of the Treasury, Department of Health and Human Services, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

In 2022, Netskope announced it has been awarded, through SEWP Prime Anacapa Micro and distributor Merlin Cyber, a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) U.S. Federal Civilian Government, led by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


Adopting DevOps to Speed Feature Delivery and Guarantee Performance

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With over 15,000 customers, Splunk is one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based data ingestion, observability, and analytics. Their fast-growing, ultra-high-capacity, low-latency infrastructure fields and indexes terabytes of data each day – a single large customer might deliver 500-700GB of data for indexing in 24 hours.

When Splunk’s 400+ developers needed a Linux and Windows-compatible container orchestration platform for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and automated performance testing of their cloud ingestion, indexing, and analytics framework, they turned to Mirantis. We engineered a solution on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, and teamed with Splunk engineers to customize and fine-tune a CI/CD and Jenkins automation pipeline to automate their application builds and tests. The new solution enables Splunk engineers to deploy new tests in minutes vs. days, letting them continually optimize their test suite, broaden test footprints, and test more rigorously.

The system now stretches across 600 worker nodes, supporting over 2,000 concurrent containerized jobs efficiently, enabling over 75% average CPU utilization. More than 20,000 deployments per day are made to the MKE clusters – helping Splunk deliver new features faster, while meeting high product quality and performance requirements.

In 2021, the Department of Defense (DOD) designated the Splunk Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) as a Core Enterprise Technology Agreement (CETA). Of the 100+ OEMs that have been awarded a DOD ESI BPA, only seven have been selected for CETA designation by the DOD. Of these seven, Splunk is only the second OEM to gain the CETA designation and is the first to receive it under the new Biden Administration. The Splunk ESI BPA has a 10-year, $833 million ceiling value and is managed by Carahsoft on behalf of Splunk and its business partner community.


Leveraging Satellites and 5G to Create New Solutions for Government, Military, and Aviation

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Inmarsat, a world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, is building ORCHESTRA – a secure, high-performance network integrating geosynchronous satellites, low-earth-orbit satellites, and terrestrial 5G mobile telephony to enable new solutions for government, maritime and aviation, and enterprise markets.

Inmarsat has partnered with Mirantis to help them virtualize the majority of their telco infrastructure, historically based on high-cost dedicated proprietary hardware appliances with potentially-vulnerable supply chains. To replace these components, Inmarsat selected Mirantis Telco Cloud, based on Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) – part of a complete hybrid/multi-cloud solution enabling telcos to deploy, manage, and monitor infrastructure in both virtual machines and containers, from a single platform.

Mirantis and Inmarsat performed an Architecture Design Assessment before deploying an initial MOSK production environment for Inmarsat developers, enabling virtual device onboarding to begin. Virtual appliances implemented in the current phase include virtual routers, packet core, firewalls, and deep packet inspection applications. By the end of the current year, Inmarsat expects to roll out MOSK to all its data centers globally, and anchor all its GEO, LEO, and 5G services to the Mirantis-based network of multi-purpose clouds. They are experiencing positive results already in terms of agility, achievable cloud density, performance, and reliability. Among other benefits, Inmarsat can now perform upgrades to the Mirantis Telco Cloud infrastructure without negatively impacting running NFV workloads.

Inmarsat Government holds a Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3) contract #GS00Q17NRD4014. CS3 is a multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle for complex satellite communications (SATCOM) solutions and professional satellite engineering services.

Inmarsat Government holds a General Services Administration’s (GSA) Schedule 70 contract GS-35F-0016X.

Inmarsat Government is the satellite services and solution provider for FirstNet the First Responder Network Authority of the United States.

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