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Learn Kubernetes 5 Minutes at a Time

Kubernetes is notoriously challenging—but many developers are expected to learn it on the run.

That’s why we created a book for developers who need a crash course in Kubernetes…and who need it now. In 186 pages, Kubernetes 5 Minutes at a Time gives you a whistlestop tour of Kubernetes development that is…

Concise and hands-on: Each of the book’s eleven chapters fits into a short break or a lunch, with quick and illustrative exercises that you can complete on your laptop

Up-to-date for 2022: Covers recent Kubernetes developments like the Gateway API, and gives you practice with extensions like the InnoDB CRD and MySQL Operator for Kubernetes.

Purposeful: Learn the essentials without getting mired in details that aren’t relevant to a developer at the early stages of a Kubernetes journey.

Download for free to learn:

The key components of Kubernetes architecture and how to set up a Kubernetes learning environment

The fundamentals of the Kubernetes API, including the Pod, Deployment, and Service resources as well as storage resources like the PersistentVolumeClaim and StorageClass

How to deploy a stateful web app at scale using StatefulSets, Custom Resources, and Operators