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OpenStack Icehouse is here: what do you want to know?

Looking for a more technical view of what’s new? Don’t forget to register for What’s New In OpenStack Icehouse, the webinar to be held Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 10am PDT. After 6 months of intensive development, OpenStack Icehouse was released today.  With an increased focus on users, manageability and scalability, it’s meant to be […]

Trusted Cloud computing with Intel TXT: The challenge

In today’s connected environments, attacks on compute infrastructure are ubiquitous. Major players have been compromised by hackers and malware, with damages inflicted both to their reputation and their business. Protecting the infrastructure from external and internal threats is an important part of operating production grade cloud environments.

This Week in OpenStack:Now (March 31, 2014 – April 6, 2014)

As the community gears up to look forward with the release of Icehouse next week and the upcoming OpenStack Summit, RightScale has released it’s 2014 State of the Cloud report, Mirantis strikes a history-making deal with Ericsson, and Cisco makes sure nobody forgets it’s a hardware company.

OpenStack at Mega-scale: Meetup, 2 April Wednesday

This month’s SF Bay OpenStack Meetup will be held at the Symantec Q’Cafe, at 500 East Middlefield Road, Mountain View, CA on April 2, at 5:30pm. RSVP here.  OpenStack at Mega-Scale: Agenda 5:30 pm: Arrival, networking 6:00 pm: INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME  - Steve Hallett, Symantec; Adrian Ionel, Mirantis WHAT IS OPENSTACK AT MEGA-SCALE? SYMANTEC AND EBAY AS CASE […]

When Pets Meet Cattle: OpenStack and VMware, Part 2 | Balancing Benefits

Join Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski, VMware OpenStack Lead Dan Wendlandt, and Mirantis OpenStack technical consultant Nick Chase for a webinar titled: How does OpenStack integrate with VMware vSphere and VMware NSX? (Thursday, 27 March, 10 AM PST). Since the announcement of Mirantis’ partnership with VMware at the Fall 2013 OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong, the […]

Mirantis OpenStack Training Update, March 2014

Welcome to this month’s update on OpenStack training at Mirantis! Our goal is to make the Mirantis OpenStack training experience as rewarding and convenient as possible for you – that’s why we are constantly updating our training curriculum and looking for new places to host our OpenStack public training. We recently added a few new locations […]

When Pets Meet Cattle: OpenStack and VMware, Part 1

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know a good bit about OpenStack, and how it handles Infrastructure-as-a-Service (for cattle, basically). You might not, however, be as well-versed in VMware, which has been handling virtualization services (for pets, really) for quite some time now, and over the past couple of development cycles has become part of the OpenStack ecosystem.

Trove + Cassandra = Love: NoSQL Database Solutions and the OpenStack Ecosystem

NoSQL databases are systems for data storage and retrieval that do not primarily use the now-dominant RDBMS model: tabular data structures, organized relationally and accessed using Structured Query Language (SQL). Instead, NoSQL databases employ a host of methods, such as schema-free key-value pairs, intended to map better to a growing class of problems that may […]

Mirantis OpenStack 4.1 is Now Available for Download

This past Friday March 7, 2014, we released Mirantis OpenStack 4.1 for download, including hardened packages for the OpenStack 2013.2.2 release, along with a set of fixes and improvements we think you’ll find useful. You can read up on the details of Mirantis OpenSack  in the release notes, but we wanted to highlight some key […]

Cloud Computing, Open Source, OpenStack: What’s Eating the IT World Anyway? — Your Answers

Last week we conducted a webinar called Cloud Computing, Open Source, OpenStack: What’s Eating the IT World Anyways? and we got some great questions, but we weren’t able to get to answers for all of them, so we’ve gathered them together here for you.