Tech Talk: Managing all of your sites with Open Source Lagoon (Mar 12)   |   Save My Seat

Tech Talk: Managing all of your sites with Open Source Lagoon (Mar 12)   |   Save My Seat

Day 2 Operations with k0smotron & CAPI for Cluster Lifecycle Management

Navigating Day 2 operations in Kubernetes can be intricate. Platform teams often grapple with a spectrum of tasks - from upgrades, scaling, and configuration to complex multi-cluster coordination, backup, and recovery, especially when juggling clusters across various clouds and stages such as Development, QA, and Production.

Enter k0smotron and Cluster API: tools that simplify these tasks. By merely adjusting the desired state, platform engineers can sit back and let the controllers execute the required operations. In this Tech Talk, we'll delve into how k0smotron and Cluster API can be game-changers for Day 2 cluster operations, helping professionals harness their latest enhancements for streamlined operations.

On 14th November at 9am PT/6pm CEST, Senior Principal Engineer Jussi Nummelin and Senior Solution Architect Julian Hennig will demonstrate day 2 cluster operations by using k0smotron with Cluster API across multiple clouds. 

Join us to learn how to use k0smotron and Cluster API for cluster operations like upgrades and scaling or configuration changes—and how to use k0smotron Anywhere for cluster operations in environments without a ClusterAPI Infrastructure provider.

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