Tech Talk: Managing all of your sites with Open Source Lagoon (Mar 12)   |   Save My Seat

Tech Talk: Managing all of your sites with Open Source Lagoon (Mar 12)   |   Save My Seat

Managing Kubernetes security using Kubescape and Lens

Cloud environments & Kubernetes are becoming more and more expensive to operate and manage and increasingly harder to secure. In this demo-rich Tech-Talk, Mirantis and ARMO will demonstrate how to easily scan Kubernetes configurations, Container Vulnerabilities, and configure Role-Based-Access-Control.

Join the Tech-Talk to learn how to easily scan and fix Kubernetes configurations via AMRO’sKubescape extension for Lens Desktop.

You will learn:

  1. What is Lens The Kubernetes platform and why do developers use it?

  2. What is Kubescape and how you can use it for Kubernetes security

  3. Kubernetes' configuration scanning

    • Detection of misconfigurations and configurations drifts;

    • Scanning of IaC (YAML, Helm), K8s clusters, code repositories, worker nodes, and API servers ;

    • Scan against multiple industry frameworks (NSA, MITRE, etc.), and to create your own customized compliance frameworks;

    • Get instant K8s risk score, see history of past scans and learn risk trends overtime;

    • See where the K8s resource has failed and what was the cause and get recommendations on how to fix it;

  4. Kubernetes & containers vulnerabilities scanning

    • Continuously scan containers’ registries and images for vulnerabilities;

    • Easily see, sort, and filter which vulnerability to patch first;

    • Identify new vulnerabilities that impact K8s attack surface;

  5. Kubernetes RBAC made easy

    • Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand, visual RBAC configuration graph;

    • Built-in queries of things you need to be aware of in your RBAC configuration;

    • Customized RBAC investigation tool;  




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