Tech Talk: Seamless Orchestration: Managing VMs and Containers Together with KubeVirt (June 25)   |   Save My Seat

Tech Talk: Seamless Orchestration: Managing VMs and Containers Together with KubeVirt (June 25)   |   Save My Seat

Mirantis Labs Christmas Special - Code Challenge

Mirantis Labs Christmas Special: Join the Festive Kubernetes Challenge!

This holiday season, Mirantis has received a unique request from none other than Santa Claus himself! Our mission is urgent and festive: help Santa’s elves master Kubernetes for their toy-making applications in the North Pole.

Santa’s Letter:

“Our diligent elves are in a bit of a jam. With the holiday rush, they need to deploy their toy-making applications swiftly and effectively. They've heard about the wonders of Kubernetes and believe it's just the magic they need. But there's a catch – they need to learn it fast! We’ve stumbled upon a file, secret.yaml, which holds the key to our toy list. Could you lend your expertise in Kubernetes, perhaps using Helm for packaging? Time is ticking, and we need to get our workshop buzzing before Christmas Eve!”

Join the Challenge – Tech Talk on Dec 12th: To unravel this festive puzzle, we invite you to join our special Tech Talk on December 12th. Here, you’ll learn all about the challenge, the rules of the game, and how you can help Santa’s team while winning amazing prizes!

Challenge Overview:

  • Attend the Tech Talk on December 12th

  • Package the Application: Use Helm charts for an easier deployment process.

  • Simplify Deployment: The elves need to deploy across multiple locations without the hassle of complex Kubernetes cluster provisioning. Does Mirantis have an open source solution for this?

  • Showcase Your Work: Create a public git repository with your Helm chart. Don’t worry about uploading it to a Helm chart repository; Santa’s workshop uses Mirantis Secure Registry.

  • Document Your Solution: Include instructions in your README for deploying the Helm chart, or both the cluster and Helm chart.

Scoring & Submission:

  • Deadline: Submit your solutions by December 21st.

  • Criteria: Your solution must be functional, with clear deployment commands.

  • Raffle Entry: Meet all requirements to enter the raffle.

  • Priority List: Find a way to deploy the cluster including the Helm chart for an extra edge.

  • Where to Submit: Send us your link via this form.


  • 1st Place: One grand prize for the most impressive solution.

  • 2nd and 3rd Place: Two smaller, yet equally exciting prizes.

Resources: Everything you need for the challenge is in our GitHub repository.

*All submissions will be evaluated based on the commit present at submission time. Any subsequent commits will not be considered.




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