Tech Talk: Managing all of your sites with Open Source Lagoon (Mar 12)   |   Save My Seat

Tech Talk: Managing all of your sites with Open Source Lagoon (Mar 12)   |   Save My Seat

What’s new in Lens 6 and a deep dive into Lens 6 features?

Lens allows organizations to accelerate the return on investment for Kubernetes initiatives across any infrastructure. Used by thousands of developers and operators to achieve complete situational awareness across their entire stack, allowing them to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot their Kubernetes environment & applications in real-time across a fleet of clusters.

Lens 6 takes this a step further with an abundance of features to improve security, increase productivity and reduce Kubernetes complexity. In addition to several improvements, the following GREAT features are part of this release.

  • Container Security: Container image Scanning & context-aware CVE vulnerability reporting built-in to Lens Desktop.

  • Desktop Kubernetes: A local Kubernetes cluster bundled with Lens Desktop for learning and development. Start, stop and configure the cluster with a click of a button.

  • Teamwork & Collaboration: Secure RBAC for Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds

  • Pro Support: 24x5 in-app chat support, customer portal, knowledge base.

In this Tech-Talk, the Team Lens will talk about the Vision, how changes in Lens 6 will impact users, the value it brings to you cloud-native workflows and a deep-dive into Lens 6 / Lens Pro features with a demo




Engineering Manager, Lens

Mirantis Inc