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Unlocked Partner Solutions:
Extend Mirantis OpenStack

Mirantis works with Unlocked Partners to validate integrations of their solutions with Mirantis OpenStack. Our Unlocked Partner Catalog makes it easy to search for partner solutions, validated drivers, installation runbooks, documentation and extras. Our Fuel Plugin Catalog makes it easy to find, download and use validated Fuel Plugins to automate installation of drivers, new features and applications when deploying Mirantis OpenStack clusters. See our Hardware Compatibility List for validated data center and network infrastructure.

Mirantis-Certified Unlocked Partner solutions and technologies are supported via collaborative agreements with Partners, so that customers enjoy a seamless support experience. To learn more about partnering with Mirantis, visit Become a Mirantis Unlocked Technology Partner.


Fuel Plugins Overview

Fuel plugins automate configuration and deployment of community and validated Mirantis Unlocked Partner solutions with Mirantis OpenStack.
Fuel plugins now available for download include:

Mirantis Unlocked Partner Products

Juniper Contrail Networking

OpenStack community-developed features

VPN-as-a-Service (VPNaaS)

Select open source solutions

Calico Layer 3 SDN

Applications and Toolchains

Logging, Monitoring, and Alerting (LMA) Toolchain

Hardware to Power Mirantis OpenStack

We participate in vendor-sponsored testing and certification programs and comprehensively test Mirantis OpenStack to ensure it runs well on the broadest range of compute and networking hardware.

Mirantis also works with select partners to validate fully-configured servers, appliances and other hardware with specific releases of Mirantis OpenStack. Please contact us if you have any questions about hardware compatibility with our distro.

Community-Supported Drivers

Mirantis OpenStack also works with most community-supported OpenStack drivers and plugins for infrastructure and solutions. You can search for OpenStack drivers and plugins and determine status and OpenStack-version compatibility in DriverLog, a Mirantis-initiated, community-maintained resource.

These drivers are documented by their providers, and may also be covered in OpenStack community documentation.

For Developers

Mirantis develops Fuel plugins for select technologies. You can develop Fuel plugins to simplify deployment of your solution with Mirantis OpenStack, become a Mirantis Unlocked Partner to validate your Fuel plugins, and go to market with Mirantis to reach more OpenStack customers.