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A quick look at Fuel in Mirantis OpenStack 8.0

Fuel is an OpenStack Big Tent project that helps users successfully configure, deploy, and manage their OpenStack private cloud environments.
Fuel’s easy-to-use wizard walks you through the process of initial environment configuration, and the interface makes it easy to assign roles to available nodes, apply changes to Settings, and use the network connectivity verification tool to ensure your networks are set up properly. Then, with the click of a button, you can provision the operating system and deploy OpenStack services onto all selected nodes.

Fuel also provides an environment dashboard for feedback on best practices and any warnings about the environment configuration before deployment.  Additionally, the dashboard serves as a landing page for deployed environments with information about hardware capacity, environment status, and links to documentation and the Horizon dashboard.

New UI Improvements in Fuel 8.0

To make configuring OpenStack easier, we’ve made improvements to the user interface In Fuel 8.0. Watch the video to get a quick look at how the component registry helps you identify any compatibility issues between core components and plugins installed on the Fuel master node, plus improvements to the Settings and Network tabs, the dashboard, and the Environment View.

Fuel enables simplified scaling of OpenStack environments, both up and down. Discover new nodes, assign roles, and grow the environment with just a few mouse clicks. Download and try it out!
And if you're attending the OpenStack Summit in Austin, we're offering a free two-day OpenStack Fuel Administration course April 27-28. RSVP here.

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