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Increase Your Income by Getting Certified for OpenStack

At Mirantis Training, we're often asked, “How does getting certified in OpenStack give me a competitive edge?” OpenStack professionals have a competitive edge over non-OpenStack professionals because there an increasing demand for professionals who have a great depth of knowledge in the field of OpenStack currently exists. While gaining a solid understanding of OpenStack is most important, being able to confirm your competency is necessary in the workforce. You can easily prove your competency in OpenStack with Mirantis’ industry-recognized certification.

Mirantis is proud to be recognized as the #1 pure-play OpenStack Company and #1 contributor to the Mitaka release, and Mirantis Training is also well-known in the industry as a standard for proving one’s in-depth knowledge surrounding OpenStack. In more than three years, over 3,000 professionals have been certified for OpenStack by Mirantis, and Fortune 500 companies like Ericsson, AT&T, and GCI have trusted our certification to measure and prove their OpenStack engineers’ professional competency. We even have a popular certification portal to help connect Mirantis certified professionals and employers looking for verified OpenStack professionals.

Mirantis currently offers two certifications: Associate Level MCA100 and Professional Level MCA200. The MCA100 exam is a written test offered online, allowing test takers to save money on travel costs while scheduling the exam at their convenience. The MCA200 is a hands-on exam that is offered in person at our OpenStack bootcamps and online. The difficulty level of both exams is high and passing them truly proves in-depth OpenStack knowledge.

Knowing that industry-recognized certification can give one a competitive edge in the OpenStack industry, we used data from to compare the salaries of System Administrators and Cloud Architects in the US. What we found is that those with OpenStack skills earn $99,000 annually -- nearly 50% more than those without OpenStack skills! Check out our new Training calculator to see just how much you may increase your salary by getting trained and certified for OpenStack. If you live and work in California, for example, OpenStack certification can mean the difference between a salary of $72,000 and a salary of $107,000 -- what other investments have a Return on Investment of 1017%?

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