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OpenStack entices governments on both sides of the Atlantic

Nick Chase - February 23, 2016
OpenStack is figuring heavily into announcements from both the UK and the US this week.  Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HRMC) (the UK's IRS, for those of you on this side of the Atlantic) has announced that OpenStack will be the foundation for its MultiChannel Digital Tax Platform, and the US Department of Defense is looking into the technology for both financial and security advantages.
The HRMC's MultiChannel Digital Tax Platform (MDTP) is essentially a PaaS that enables third party companies to build software applications to help both individuals and corporations file their taxes.  In conjunction with the government's "Coding in the Open" inititiatve, HMRC has its own Github repo for the project.
The platform will run on Datacentred's ARM 64-bit based OpenStack cloud.
Meanwhile, the United States Department of Defense is reportedly looking into OpenStack as a way to enable cost savings by using commodity hardware.  In a press release, IBM announced that the "U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has authorized the company to deliver IBM Cloud services at the highest security levels – known as Impact Level 5 – for Controlled Unclassified Information as defined by the Department of Defense (DoD), paving the way for DoD agencies seeking to take advantage of the innovations cloud can offer and manage sensitive data. IBM is the first cloud provider with a direct connection to the DoD's internal network known as the Nonsecure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet). The authorization granted by DISA will enable other DoD agencies the opportunity ultimately to streamline their authorizations by leveraging the thorough process DISA followed."
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