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OpenStack Summit Paris Proposals Galore! Make Your Voice Heard

We’ve been pretty busy over here at Mirantis, and it shows in the number of people who’ve submitted proposals for the upcoming OpenStack summit in Paris.  (Did the location of the summit have something to do with it?  Nah…)  To make it easier, we’ve separated proposals by tracks so you can vote on the proposals you’re interested in.

You must be a member of the OpenStack Foundation, but registration is free, so if you haven’t joined yet, you can register here.

Remember, the summits are about what you want to see. Voting closes at 11:59 CDT on August 6, so now is the time to make your voice heard!

  1. Building a Cloud for Telco-Scale SDN and NFV ( Speakers: Jon Vestal, Artem Andreev, Dmitriy Andrushko)
  2. User Experience for Delivery of NFV Services using OpenStack ( Speakers: Brian Moore, Darya Kalmykova, Vasiliy Belokon)
  3. IGT: Leveraging Mirantis OpenStack to Transform Casino Gaming Management ( Speakers: Jon Hathaway, Frank Weyns)
  4. Building Telco Grade Cloud Services with OpenStack at Orange ( Speakers: David Alles, Frank Weyns)
  5. Using OpenStack to Deliver a Swiss Public Cloud ( Speakers: John Sotiropoulos, Dmitriy Novakovskiy)
  6. Tales from the Ship: Navigating the OpenStack Community Seas (Speakers: Jay Pipes, Geoff Hollingworth)
  1. Pushing Packet through OpenStack: How Good is OpenStack for the NFV Use Case? ( Speakers: Gregory Elkinbard, Arik Kol, Aleksandr Shaposhnikov)
  2. NFV + SDN: Now Playing on Your OpenStack Cloud! ( Speakers: Gregory Elkinbard, Alexander Gabert)
  3. Network Services in Neutron (Speakers: Eugene Nikanorov, Brandon Logan, Sumit Naiksatam, Nachi Ueno)
  1. Swift vs. Ceph: Find the Best Object Storage for Different Use Cases ( Speakers: Christian Huebner)
  1. Altruism as a Service: An Essential Pillar of OpenStack ( Speakers: Mike Wilson)
  2. 4 Years In (Speakers: Jay Pipes, Monty Taylor, Thierry Carrez, Mark Collier, Vish Ishaya)
  3. OpenStack Community Metrics by Stackalytics (Speakers: Ilya Shakhat, Herman Narkaytis)
  1. Multi-tenant Bare Metal on OpenStack – Going Beyond Ironic (Speaker: Greg Elkinbard)
  2. Glance Artifacts: It’s Not Just for Images Any More (Speakers: Alexander Tivelkov, Randall Burt)
  1. OpenStack and vSphere/vCenter: Best Practices for “Classic” Enterprise and Cloud-ready Apps ( Speakers: Santosh Sundararaman, Dmitriy Novakovskiy, Evgeniya Shumakher)
  2. Resiliency and Performance Engineering for OpenStack at Enterprise Scale ( Speakers: Jason Venner)
  3. How Do I Get My Hardware OpenStack-Ready? ( Speakers: Russ Lindsay, Shawn O’Connor)
  4. How to Take the CI/CD Plunge or How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love the Bomb ( Speakers: Mike Wilson)
  5. It’s Going to Fail: Lifecycle Management Strategies for OpenStack ( Speakers: Jason Venner)
  6. Ask the Experts: OpenStack as a Distribution or as a Service? (Speakers: Boris Renski, Kenneth Hui, Jesse Proudman, Jan Mark Holzer, Caroline McCrory, Manju Ramanathpura)
  1. Using Heat and Other Tools to Deploy HIghly Available Environments ( Speakers: Polina Petriuk )
  2. Manual Installation of OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) for Two-Tiered Storage ( Speakers: Polina Petriuk )
  3. Getting Started with Ceph ( Speakers: Andrew Woodward )
  4. Bring Your Own Application to the Cloud ( Speakers: Serg Melikyan )


  1. Cloud Performance Optimization: Using Rally and OSProfiler for OpenStack ( Speakers: Boris Pavlovic, Patrick Petit )
  2. Deploying Databases for OpenStack (Speakers: Jay Pipes, Amrith Kumar, Vinay Joosery, Matt Griffin)
  3. Operational Challenges in Managing OpenStack ( Speakers: Anne Friend )
  4. Testing Distributed Systems on OpenStack ( Speakers: Andrew Woodward, Ryan Moe )
  5. Entwicklung von Cluster-Tools mit OpenStack Python Clients ( Speakers: Christian Huebner )
  6. Using OpenStack and Sahara to Run Automated Tests: How 9 Women Can Deliver a Baby in 1 Month ( Speakers: Polina Petriuk )
  7. Operations and Logging as a Service ( Speakers: Boris Pavlovic, Ronald Pagani )
  8. How We Fought for OpenStack HA ( Speakers: Vladimir Kuklin )
  9. Designing for Scale: Data Storage in OpenStack (Speaker: Jay Pipes, Alex Yurchenko)
  10. MySQL and OpenStack Deep Dive (Speaker: Jay Pipes, Peter Boros)
  11. A Dev Ops Stool: Do You Have Enough Legs to Stand on for DevOps Delivery? (Speakers: Mike Wilson, Rainya Mosher, Daryl Walleck, Kevin Mitchell, Andrew Laski, Brian Rosmaita, Rick Lopez, Mike Dorman, Topher White)


  1. OpenStack Clouds in der Praxis ( Speakers: Christian Huebner )
  2. Don’t Try This on OpenStack (or Why Would You?) ( Speakers: Chris Clason )
  3. Walk on Water: 20 Stepping Stones to Reach Production OpenStack Cloud (for Execs, PMs, Architects) ( Speakers: Christian Huebner, Rikard Kjellberg, Anandeep Pannu )
  4. Succeeding with Three-Tiered Apps in an OpenStack Environment ( Speakers: Mike Wilson )
  5. Reading Beyond the Blueprints: How OpenStack Can Work in Multi-Datacenter Environments ( Speakers: Mike Wilson )
  6. How to Build Frankenstack. (Please Don’t.) ( Speakers: Frank Weyns )
  7. The OpenStack Thunderdome (Speaker: Alex Freedland, Jesse Proudman, Randy Bias, Joshua McKenty, Chris Kemp)


  1. OpenStack and VMware: Managing Your Cloud Resources ( Speakers: Evgeniya Shumakher )
  2. There Must Be Money in There Somewhere: The SDP Imperative for OpenStack ( Speakers: Dmitriy Novakovskiy, Evgeniya Shumakher, Andre Moruga )
  3. Solum: Making Full Use of Mistral for CI/CD Tasks ( Speakers: Renat Akhmerov, Angus Salkeld )
  4. Designing a Cross-Project UI Framework for Building the Next Generation of Wizards: Challenges and Solutions ( Speakers: Timur Sufiev )
  5. Mistral: Using an OpenStack Workflow Service for Operations Automation ( Speakers: Renat Akhmerov, Dmitri Zimine )
  6. Pumphouse: Workload Migration and Rolling Upgrades of OpenStack Cloud ( Speakers: Oleg Gelbukh )
  7. Rethinking Ceilometer Metric Storage with Gnocchi: Time-series as a Service (Speakers: Dina Belova, Julien Danjou, Eoghan Glynn)
  8. Evaluating Vendors and Drivers in OpenStack Deployments with Rally and OSProfiler (Speakers: Boris Pavlovic and Rohan Kanade)
  9. Panel: Open Source OpenStack Provisioning Tools: What, Why and How? (Speakers: Boris Renski, Shuo Yang, Haiying Wang, Rob Hirschfeld, Keith Basil)


  1. Showcasing the Hybrid, Multi-Hypervisor OpenStack Cloud ( Speakers: Dmitriy Novakovskiy, Maxim Datskovsky )
  2. Don’t Let Them Sell You a Six-Legged Camel: OpenStack and Private Cloud ( Speakers: Christopher Aedo, Ronald Pagani )
  3. Building Hybrid Clouds for OpenStack, Even if You Don’t Control the Infrastructure ( Speakers: Steven Kath, Gregory Elkinbard)


  1. Now That I Have OpenStack, What about My Apps?: The Integration Path between OpenStack and PaaS/Cloud Foundry ( Speakers: Georgy Okrokvertskhov )


  1. Application Catalog — Three Facets of Managing OpenStack Workloads ( Speakers: Serg Melikyan )
  2. The Code to Cloud Toolchain ( Speakers: Georgy Okrokvertskhov, Christopher Aedo )
  3. The State of OpenStack Data Processing: Sahara, Now and in Kilo (Speakers: Sergey Lukjanov, Matthew Farrellee and John Speidel)
  4. OpenStack Data Processing (Sahara): Use cases, direction and performance (Speakers: Sergey Lukjanov, Andrew, Lazarev)
  5. Technical Deep Dive: Big Data Computations Using Elastic Data Processing in OpenStack Cloud (Speaker: Sergey Lukjanov, Trevor McKay, Dmitry Mescheryakov)
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