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21-Mar-16 « NEWS « 03-Apr-16

Intel partners with CoreOS, Mirantis, and Google to put OpenStack on Kubernetes

The chip maker’s Cloud For All initiative is moving forward, as the company partners with CoreOS, Mirantis, and Google to look at deploying OpenStack with Kubernetes. Intel has been focusing on Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) of late, and announced the new partnership at Intel Cloud Day last week.

VP, Data Center Group & GM, Software Defined Infrastructure at Intel Corporation Jonathan Donaldson wrote, “Kubernetes was initially delivered by Google to encourage broad proliferation of container app development models, and CoreOS, the company who has delivered the Tectonic solution to the market, makes an ideal partner for leading the Kubernetes development.  Mirantis, a pure play OpenStack vendor, brings tried and true expertise on the OpenStack platform to the collaboration.  We will be offering all software as upstream contributions benefitting the entire community towards accelerated SDI innovation. Expect more details on this collaboration at the OpenStack Summit in Austin.”

Converged Infrastructure and OpenStack deployments

It’s no secret that OpenStack deployment can be, at best, a challenge. (At worst it can be a little like trying to perform brain surgery while simultaneously walking a tightrope and tossing a pizza.) Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Converged Infrastructure provides a way for you to receive a pre-deployed OpenStack cloud, along with the validated, pre-configured hardware that goes with it. These appliances let you go from 0 to secure private cloud in the minimum amount of time.

Want to know more? Join us on Tuesday, April 5 at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT/ 5pm GMTas Gordon Rothstein of FusionStorm and Greg Loughmiller of Mirantis discuss the pros and cons of OpenStack appliances with OpenStack:Unlocked’s Nick Chase. (Sponsor’s Post)


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