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Webinar 12/12/12: Building out Storage as a Service with OpenStack Cloud

David Fishman - December 05, 2012

Sign up today. Date & Time: Wednesday 12 Dec 2012 | 10am PT | 1 PM ET | 7pm CET

Following the success and popularity of our webcast earlier this year on 'What's new in OpenStack Folsom', we've put together another online technology review of OpenStack and Storage, in a webcast next Wednesday (time and dates above and below).

OpenStack Swift and other open source storage technologies are moving quickly in bringing cloud-driven disruption to the traditional world of data storage. Still, there are a lot of opportunities—and misconceptions—about what actually works, and how to combine the different moving parts.

Why? Because Storage as a Service (STaaS) using OpenStack cloud and other open source storage platforms can put  better scalability and accelerated deployment in reach, whether as part of your cloud deployment, or as a specialized functional service. If you know what your use cases are, you can probably use these approach to cut costs and hassles. No less importantly, it opens up some new ways to do things more quickly (after all, a distributed ReST API lets you do things that would be a headache writing to a lower-level interface).

In a nutshell, you should find out how OpenStack cloud and open source can make STaaS an interesting alternative to traditional storage systems. Greg Elkinbard, who's a senior technical director here, will deliver a pretty dense hour of pragmatic information, so you can get smart about

  • Key cloud storage use cases
  • Storage implementations in OpenStack
  • Making sense of open source storage platforms: Ceph, Swift, Lustre, and Gluster and more
  • Building Storage-as-a-Service
  • OpenStack Storage Q&A

You can see more details of what we'll cover and sign up here and now. There aren't really any 'seats' to reserve,  but we do have a limited number of connections available, so you probably want to set aside time to get your part of it.

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