About Mirantis

#1 pure play OpenStack® company

Mirantis is the number one pure-play OpenStack Company. We deliver all the technology, integration, training and support required for companies to succeed with production-grade open source cloud. More customers rely on Mirantis than any other company to scale out OpenStack without the compromises of vendor lock-in. Our bench of 400+ open source infrastructure experts helped make us one of the top 5 contributors to OpenStack’s upstream codebase.

Mirantis is headquartered in Mountain View, California and operates across five additional international locations in Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The company is venture funded, including investments by Intel Capital, West Summit Capital, Ericsson and SAP Ventures.

Rolling out OpenStack?

Cut cost, risk and effort with Mirantis OpenStack, the distro that packages our real-world production implementation experience into the most flexible, progressive and open cloud platform on the planet.

Serious about scalability and SLAs?

Contact us to talk about our systems integration and support services. More customers entrust their OpenStack initiatives to us than to anyone else in the industry.

Need OpenStack Training?

Get the cloud skills you need in the industry’s top-selling OpenStack Training program and learn how to scale out and operate the latest public release of OpenStack.

Want to learn how we helped others?

Download our case studies to see how some of our customers have made our unique flexible approach to OpenStack work successfully.

Commitment to Staying Open

Some vendors choose to “improve” OpenStack by salting it with their own exclusive technology. At Mirantis, we’re totally committed to keeping production open source clouds free of proprietary hooks or opaque packaging. When you choose to work with us, you stay in full control of your infrastructure roadmap.