Multi-Cloud: Challenges and Solutions

March 22, 2021

Shaun O'Meara, Field CTO at Mirantis, shares insight about what multi-cloud is, why it seems hard, and proposes solutions and best-practices. Below is an overview of topics discussed:

0:23  How do you define Multi-cloud? Hybrid cloud?
1:05  What is the topology of a typical multi-cloud application?
1:35  Why should organizations be thinking about multi-cloud?
2:56  What's the connection between multi-cloud and edge?
4:10  What's needed to make multi-cloud work?
5:52  How can operators tool up to run a usable multi-cloud?
6:46  Where do virtual machines fit in a multi-cloud architecture?
7:14  What should organizations seek in a solution provider to enable the move to multi-cloud?
8:45  What can we learn from MIrantis customers who are making the move to multi-cloud?
10:45  What should organizations do next to prepare for multi-cloud?

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To read Shaun's related article in TheNewStack, please visit:

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Multi-Cloud: Challenges and Solutions
Multi-Cloud: Challenges and Solutions

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