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Mirantis Container Cloud – consistent, continually-updated, multi-cloud Kubernetes

Mirantis Container Cloud lets you configure and deploy consistent Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise/UCP) Kubernetes/Swarm and Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes clusters in just a few clicks, at any scale, on private clouds, public clouds, and bare metal, then lets you observe, manage, and update them non-disruptively. If your organization needs to support Kubernetes easily across one or multiple infrastructures through one, simple set of webUIs and APIs — a real “single pane of glass” — this is where you should start.

One, multi-user webUI and management API for all supported infrastructures means simpler operations and automation. Easily integrate with corporate directory to auto-provision clusters for designated users, dynamically managing and revoking access as needed. Integrate with notifications and ticketing to direct and simplify operations and support. Provide organization-wide self-service cluster delivery; easily leverage modern DevOps release paradigms like Blue/Green deployment; create, lifecycle-manage, scale, and retire clusters to optimize spend — all with single clicks or simple REST integration. Support from Mirantis makes you productive quickly: tiered support through fully-managed helps you scale your multi-cloud with confidence, while focusing on your business, and on shipping code faster.

Delivering consistent Kubernetes (and OpenStack) across multiple infrastructures also pays off at the application layer. Workloads, configurations, and application lifecycle automation become easily portable. One model for CI/CD integration works seamlessly, everywhere. Policy management is dependable and uniform across your multi-cloud. “Unknown unknowns” are eliminated. Attack surface is minimized.

Our starter recipe shows how to quickly deploy Mirantis Container Cloud on Amazon Web Services, then get started deploying Mirantis Kubernetes Engine clusters. We also encourage interested parties to contact us for a demo.

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Mirantis Kubernetes Engine — enterprise Kubernetes (and Swarm) orchestration

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is “batteries included,” hardened, manageable enterprise Kubernetes, complete with Calico container networking and Istio ingress. Mirantis Kubernetes Engine can host all your container workloads, providing easily-switchable Kubernetes, Swarm, and mixed-mode orchestration on Linux and Windows workers. Manage clusters easily and apply updates non-disruptively through a simple webUI or API.

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is best deployed and managed with Mirantis Container Cloud. But for small numbers of clusters, Mirantis also provides Launchpad: a fast-evolving CLI tool (for Linux, Mac, or Windows) that can deploy, scale, and reconfigure clusters. Our starter recipe uses Launchpad to let you quickly (<5 minutes) deploy Mirantis Kubernetes Engine on Linux virtual hosts running on AWS or VirtualBox. The recipe can easily be adapted for other IaaS types (e.g., VMware, Azure, etc.)

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Mirantis Secure Registry — private container registry with built-in security

Private container registry is an important requisite for building a secure software supply chain, where developers consume only curated, validated, pre-scanned, and deliberately promoted base images and containerized components. Mirantis Secure Registry integrates with Mirantis Container Runtime and other components of Mirantis Cloud Native Platform to enable easy curation of validated images from public and external registries, automated CVE scanning, and image signing and promotion for Content Trust (for example, prevents execution of unsigned workloads on production clusters).

Our starter recipe lets you deploy Secure Registry quickly on a spare Mirantis Kubernetes Engine worker node, after deploying Mirantis Kubernetes Engine with Launchpad (see above).

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Mirantis Container Runtime — the leading enterprise container engine

Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly Docker Engine – Enterprise) is the leading enterprise container engine, with built-in FIPS-140-2 encryption, Content Trust, and more.

Normally, Container Runtime is deployed automatically with Mirantis Container Cloud and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, but it’s usable alone as well: our simple recipe will show you how to quickly install it on Linux for use with the open source Docker CLI.

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K0S — zero-friction Kubernetes

Are you a developer looking for a simple k8s distribution that’s easy to deploy, runs on tiny hardware (even Raspberry Pis) and lets you get started right away with Kubernetes? k0s provides a zero-friction (one CLI command), single-binary installation experience and lets you deploy on your laptop, on Raspberry Pis, VMs, or build massive, robust clusters.

Our download recipe helps you install a working k0s cluster (manager+worker) on two Linux nodes. It’s easily adapted to laptop or other deployment patterns.

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Lens – the Kubernetes IDE

Every Kubernetes developer and operator needs Lens – the Kubernetes IDE: a pure open source, extensible tool for Linux, Mac, and Windows that speeds forensics, operations, and development across all your Kubernetes clusters.

Our download recipe shows how easy it is to deploy Lens on Linux, Mac, or Windows, and connect to virtually any Kubernetes cluster.

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