Custom Deployment

Custom Deployment

With the deepest bench of OpenStack infrastructure experts on the market today, Mirantis helps you power through the most complex OpenStack projects, while keeping you free from vendor lock-in and in control of your infrastructure roadmap.

Here is how we can help:

Faster time to OpenStack?

  • Incorporate the latest features from OpenStack

    Mirantis can help you deploy the latest features from OpenStack upstream codebase or mainstream distributions, such as RedHat, Canonical or SUSE, and migrate legacy OpenStack deployments to contemporary, more supportable releases.

  • Optimize operations & configuration management

    Optimizing operations and configuration management infrastructure to take full advantage of the rapid rate of in OpenStack innovations, through non-disruptive rolling upgrades, and integration with test and compliance regimes to help you meet your SLAs.

  • Integrate your OpenStack environment

    Leverage the experience of your in-house staff and your existing investment in operational IT infrastructure, by integrating your OpenStack environment with existing in-house systems, such as billing, monitoring, self-service etc.

  • Test launch readiness

    Plan for and test launch readiness and forward-looking maintainability to ensure your OpenStack infrastructure delivers the unfailing stability and continuous flexibility you need for production workloads.

  • Keep your skills base up-to-date

    Training your staff through our top-selling, industry acclaimed training program, BootCamp for OpenStack ensures that your IT professionals can take full advantage of OpenStack cloud innovation for efficiency and competitive advantage.


When our work is done, we hand off an operations-driven, turnkey environment that lets your admin staff handle change rapidly and reliably. By working with Mirantis, you benefit from a proven, cost-effective approach. It gets you to a robust infrastructure running on OpenStack cloud as fast as you need.