Mirantis OpenStack 7.0: NFVI Deployment Guide — Huge pages
Andrey Danin - January 25, 2016

Historically, memory pages on x86 systems have had a fixed size of 4 kilobytes, but today this parameter is configurable. The x86_64 architecture supports pages 4Kb, 2Mb, and 1Gb, in size.

huge pagesmemoryNFV
Murano, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud environments in OpenStack (Q&A)
Bhasker Nallapothula (Biarca), Ihor Dvoretskyi (Mirantis) and John Jainschigg (Mirantis) - January 14, 2016

There's lots of talk about multi-cloud environments, but not everyone realizes it's already possible to create a single cloud that can span, say, OpenStack and Google Container Engine.

containersdockerhybrid cloudkubernetesmulti-cloudMuranoopenvpn
WordPress on OpenStack: Murano App vs Glance Image
Ilya Stechkin, Kirill Zaitsev, Dmytro Dovbii, Alexey Deryugin, and Pavel Karpov - January 12, 2016

We've found that there's some confusion over when to use a Murano app versus a Glance image, so we've decided to take a general look at both processes and do a comparative study.

Magnum vs Murano: An OpenStack container strategy
Nick Chase, Mirantis Blog - January 7, 2016

It's no surprise that projects have sprung up to make it possible to use containers from within OpenStack. But how do you choose?

Mirantis OpenStack 7.0: NFVI Deployment Guide — NUMA/CPU pinning
Andrey Danin - January 6, 2016

NUMA means memory is broken up into pools with each vCPU having its own pool of "local" memory. Best performance comes from making sure a process and its memory are running in the same NUMA cell.

OpenStack Security Tip: Create a key pair for accessing VMs
Nick Chase - January 5, 2016

To bolster security on your OpenStack cloud you can use the OpenStack Dashboard, Horizon, to set up public/private key pairs to properly protect the instance at launch time.

MOS 7.0: Logging, Monitoring, Alerting (LMA) enhancements
Patrick Petit - December 14, 2015

The LMA (Logging, Monitoring, Alerting) toolchain is a service-oriented monitoring solution designed for OpenStack made up of a collection of open source tools, packaged and delivered as Fuel plugins.

alertingLMAmonitoringMOS 7.0
OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and a turnkey app environment
Mirantis - November 23, 2015

On November 17, Mirantis and Pivotal got together to provide a joint webinar explaining how Pivotal Cloud Foundry and OpenStack can come together to provide a turnkey application environment.

cloud foundry
3 Myths of OpenStack Distros: Myth #1 – They’re all the same
Amar Kapadia, Mirantis Blog - October 29, 2015

It's easy to make the mistake of thinking that all OpenStack distributions are the same, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Carrier-Grade Mirantis OpenStack (the Mirantis NFV Initiative), Part 1: Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV)
John Jainschigg - October 27, 2015

Creating an NFV ecosystem for OpenStack, validated hardware at the bottom; optimized OpenStack as a platform in the middle, and NFV software and application components at the top.