OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and a turnkey app environment
Mirantis - November 23, 2015

On November 17, Mirantis and Pivotal got together to provide a joint webinar explaining how Pivotal Cloud Foundry and OpenStack can come together to provide a turnkey application environment.

cloud foundry
3 Myths of OpenStack Distros: Myth #1 – They’re all the same
Amar Kapadia, Mirantis Blog - October 29, 2015

It's easy to make the mistake of thinking that all OpenStack distributions are the same, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Carrier-Grade Mirantis OpenStack (the Mirantis NFV Initiative), Part 1: Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV)
John Jainschigg - October 27, 2015

Creating an NFV ecosystem for OpenStack, validated hardware at the bottom; optimized OpenStack as a platform in the middle, and NFV software and application components at the top.

Glance API V3 and the OpenStack Community App Catalog
Alexander Tivelkov, Mirantis Principal Software Engineer - October 21, 2015

What the Glance V3 is, how its features may be used to provide the REST API for the Community App Catalog, and what that can mean for OpenStack.

App CatalogGlance
What are containers, and why do they matter to OpenStack? External link
Fabrizio Soppelsa, Mirantis Blog - October 12, 2015

Containers are currently experiencing a rebirth, and part of that is due to the growth of cloud computing.

Rally Tricks: “Stop load before your OpenStack goes wrong”
Boris Pavlovic, Mirantis Blog - October 5, 2015

Benchmarking pre-production and production OpenStack clouds is not a trivial task. While it's important to find your cloud’s limits, you don't want to actually damage your cloud.

Q&A from our NFV Webcast with Mirantis and Metaswitch
Mirantis Blog - October 3, 2015

We recently hosted Mirantis Director of Product Management for NFV Sutapa Bansal and Metaswitch VP of Product Marketing Micaela Guihat for a webinar on deploying NFV with OpenStack.

Hadoop, OpenStack and bare metal: how does it perform?
Nikita Konovalov, Mirantis Blog - September 14, 2015

With the Ironic API, you get the benefits of both bare metal performance and self-service resource provisioning by booting Hadoop clusters with Sahara on bare metal servers in OpenStack,

bare metalhadoopsahara
The Internet of Things — and IBM Bluemix — beckons
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - August 3, 2015

Big Blue is announcing developerWorks Recipes, showing developers how to create applications that work with devices. One place you can try out all of that good stuff is on IBM Bluemix.

Accessing NFS from OpenStack: How to build a Fuel plugin
Alexander Kislitsky, Evgeniya Shumakher - July 13, 2015

Developing a plugin for OpenStack is a great way to incorporate new functionality, and enabling the plugin with Fuel simplifies both deployment and management.

Source repository flexibility in OpenStack deployment using Fuel
Joseph Yep, Mirantis Blog - June 24, 2015

With the 6.1 release of Mirantis OpenStack, the configurations for operating system, OpenStack, and user definable custom repositories are exposed through the Fuel UI.

Devops or Mars-vs-Venus? OpenStack and Configuration as Code, Part 2 of 2
David Fishman, OpenStack:Now - June 22, 2015

If Heat defines a point-in-time configuration for the infrastructure, how does one deploy an application so “it just runs, dammit”? What’s the OpenStack equivalent of "docker pull"?

OpenStack:Now Vol 2, Issue 21 (6/5/15) – technology and marketplace news from across the ecosystem
OpenStack:Now - June 8, 2015

Blue Box and Piston get acquired by IBM and Cisco, HP expands its CloudSystem, and Canonical works with Cloudbase to bring multi-hypervisor support to Hyper-V.

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Devops or Mars-vs-Venus? Docker, OpenStack and Configuration as Code
David Fishman, Mirantis Blog - June 5, 2015

The genuine popularity of Docker, and the considerable hype around it, reveals a key motivation that developers bring to cloud: configuration sucks. Assigning network permissions to an app, OS compatibility, library and service dependencies, data persistence rules, registry entries and all kinds of other parameters critical to making it work right -- the first time and every time -- is a headache. Sounds like a win for OpenStack and DevOps.

Mirantis Training Update, June 2015: Answering Common Student Questions
Mirantis Training - June 5, 2015

During our training sessions for OpenStack, we often get some excellent questions from our students. We’ve kept track of all of our students’ questions and will start working our way through answering those questions here on this blog.d

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