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Fungible, Inc.

Fungible is revolutionizing the performance, economics, efficiency and security of scale-out data centers.

As a pioneer in data-centric computing, Fungible invented the Fungible Data Processing Unit™ (DPU) to address inefficiencies in hyperdisaggregated scale-out data centers: the inefficient execution of data-centric computations within server nodes and the inefficient interchange of data among server nodes.Fungible solutions powered by the Fungible DPU enable a secure, high-performance, massively scalable composable hyperdisaggregated infrastructure for the data-centric era.

Product Portfolio:

Fungible Storage Cluster (FSC)

Enabled by the Fungible DPU, the Fungible Storage Clusteris the world’s fastest secure, scale-out and All-Flash NVMe-oF disaggregated storage platform. It delivers best-in-class performance characteristics for IOPS, latency, and throughput, in the smallest footprint and lowest power envelope.

The Fungible Storage Cluster (FSC) offers the agility, scalability, capacity, security, reliability, and cost of the ideal storage solution for enterprise customers who want to deploy hybrid cloud, cloud service providers and hyperscalers. As a disaggregated storage platform, the FSC features best-in-class performance characteristics in the smallest footprint and lowest power envelope. FSC implements a clear separation of storage control and data planes for the highest management and operational efficiencies.

A key component of the FSC, the Fungible FS1600 is a high performance, secure, scale-out NVMe- oF storage node. The FS1600 is powered by two Fungible Data Processing UnitsTM (DPUs). A unique Fungible innovation, the DPU represents a new class of microprocessors, designed from the ground up to deliver unrivaled performance and efficiency in running infrastructure services such as storage, networking, analytics, and security. This foundational technology makes the FS1600 the most flexible and robust storage platform, capable of handling extreme workload variability and the demands for high performance, secure, and protected storage in organizations of all sizes.

Customer Benefits:

Unrivaled economics: 10x the performance and 5x the ROI compared to existing solutions.

Best-in-class performance: 105M aggregate IOPS and 420 GB/s throughput, provided by seven FS1600 storage target nodes.

Fastest in-line data services: Data reduction, data durability, and data security at full line rate.

Cost optimized: 5x media savings compared to triple-replication with erasure coding, compression, and higher utilization.

Elastic scale-out, disaggregated storage: Shared and pooled capacity for business flexibility, high utilization, and efficiency.

No-compromise security: Immutable root of trust, line rate end-to-end encryption, and fine- grained QoS.

Robust software stack: Optimized for maximum performance and flexibility.

Industry standard compliance: Smooth deployment in existing data centers.