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Service Brief:

ADA Service Brief - A Cloud Designed For You, Tailored to You

Why Should You Care About ADA?

A modern cloud architecture is necessary for continuous innovation, automation and cloud optimization. Smart organizations are transforming their IT infrastructure using cloud architectures to get the most out of their public, private, or hybrid clouds to be more agile, resilient, cost effective, and more scalable than their competition.

The Problem:

Cloud transformations can be complex and frustrating. Collecting all the data needed for an architectural model that supports business, technology, security, and operational requirements requires a cross-functional team of cloud experts to ensure it’s done correctly and efficiently.

ADA - The Solution:

With Architecture Design Assessment (ADA) service offering, Mirantis cloud experts will design you a cloud 100% tailored to your needs without you having to lift a finger.

Download now to see how our Mirantis experts can design you a cloud that allows you to:

Accelerate deployments by transforming requirements into an actionable design

Determine the right cloud architecture for your organization, and incorporate DevOps best practices such as CI/CD and Infrastructure-as-Code

Reduce risk by having the cloud solution designed and tailored by industry experts to your specific use case

Improve your overall business outcome by incorporating workload requirements and migration considerations into the plan

Optimize the Bill of Materials to meet or exceed requirements at minimal cost

Assemble the complete set of information required for deployment in the Cloud Passport to minimize deployment time