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How to implement continuous proactive security to safeguard Kubernetes

One of the major challenges of scaling Kubernetes is securing clusters. But this isn’t an area you want to ignore: Lackluster security practices can leave your team and your business vulnerable to threats, breaches, or even worse…. We won’t go there. 

But really, without dedicated resources, continuous monitoring and proactive security struggle to meet the security requirements that we would recommend. When teams are faced with complexities like these, productivity can plummet. And nobody feels it more than your developers. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can help. 

Lens Autopilot is designed to implement proactive security measures for you, while you focus on accelerating application delivery. In this webinar, Daniel Virassamy will provide insights into:

Industry grade, open source security tools audit security vulnerabilities.

Secure configurations and fewer deviations from recommended settings.

Automated security policy monitoring & configuration, so there is no need to respond to a security event after it has occurred.

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