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Is your next-gen virtualized infrastructure actually cloud native as well?

Cloud Native is all the rage, and from the airtime in the press, one would think that all applications are being containerized and going Cloud Native. And while Cloud Native approaches provide many benefits, there are still many valid reasons why running applications in Virtual Machines in your on-premise data center may still be the right choice for your organization, and you shouldn't force your architecture just because it's "cool".

You can run your virtualized applications while still taking advantage of the benefits of cloud native architecture. While many run VMware-based infrastructures, OpenStack is an alternative for virtualized workloads that has been proven at scale and is built around open source, removing the concern of vendor lock-in, and Mirantis has combined the best of OpenStack with the power and flexibility of containers and Kubernetes to provide a highly resilient virtualized infrastructure that also provides the foundation for migration to Cloud Native application development--whenever you're ready.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why virtualized workloads will be with us for the foreseeable future

  • How OpenStack provides an alternative to VMware for your virtualization workloads

  • How the containerization of OpenStack components provides increased resiliency & robustness for your virtualized infrastructure -- and solves upgrade and maintenance issues

  • How Miranits assists you in transitioning from a VMware to OpenStack environment or even refactoring your legacy virtualized applications to a Cloud Native architecture.