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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management


Lens Autopilot Solution Brief

Lens Autopilot is a DevOps as-a-Service offering that eliminates technology and operational complexity by providing teams with the necessary resources and tools to accelerate their application delivery process on top of Kubernetes.

In this solution brief, learn how you can leverage a dedicated team of cloud native experts from Mirantis to transform your processes, optimize cost, and enhance security—so you can accelerate your business outcomes.

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How Lens Autopilot configures, manages, and secures your CI/CD pipelines at scale

Guaranteed outcomes for Lens Autopilot, including 5-10x increase in application deployment speed, 75% reduction in security vulnerabilities, and 2x-4x reduction in operational costs

Use-cases for Lens Autopilot, including real-time monitoring and alerting, reduced risk and liability, and cost management