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Service Brief:

Innovate at Hyper-Speed With Mirantis Platform Engineering Today

Customers want a fast, personalized experience at an affordable price. This is pushing companies to invest in scalable platforms that can support rapid innovation and reduce costs.

Mirantis Platform Engineering Service (MPES) provides specialized DevOps experts who manage the day-to-day operations of your platform, making it fast, easy, and cost-effective to innovate.

Here’s just 4 things MPES does that allows for hyper-speed innovation:

Optimize workflows from source to deployment, enabling developers to build and ship code at lightning speeds

Provide CI/CD automations with embedded security, integrating DevSecOps tooling and best practices

Create custom offerings tailored to your specific business needs, including cloud native tooling for container or DevOps platforms

Greatly reduce operations and maintenance expenses

Our goal is to remove stress, reduce costs, and enable you to quickly enhance business differentiators that drive customer growth and satisfaction..

Check out the full PDF here to get the full scoop on everything MPES can do for you.