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The On-Premise Data Center is Dead? Think again…

Are the days of the on-prem data center over? The reality is that on-prem data centers are still highly relevant, driven by a range of requirements that include security and data locality and governance. For many organizations, the best solution that is emerging is to take a hybrid approach by combining both on-prem and Public Cloud. This hybrid cloud approach offers business a flexibility that supports the best of both worlds.

In this webinar you will learn:

Where and why on-prem data centers are still relevant in today’s world of Cloud Native computing

The challenges and vulnerabilities of only relying on Public Cloud for your application infrastructure

The benefits of a hybrid cloud approach

Factors to consider when designing for hybrid infrastructure that involves both on-prem and Public Cloud

How Mirantis solves for managing a hybrid infrastructure and reduces your maintenance effort, enabling you to focus on building your core value