Implement an OpenStack Private Cloud

Once you have completed assessment of your business needs and how an OpenStack private cloud can meet your needs, the next step is to implement your plans to build the OpenStack cluster. Mirantis provides distinct OpenStack services to help you accomplish this.

Deployment Services

Mirantis OpenStack Deployment is a service offering where we will deploy Mirantis OpenStack in a supported configuration that meets customer needs. The project will include two stages: pre-project planning and actual implementation. At the end of the project, the customer will be handed off to Mirantis Customer Support, and support will be provided according to the subscription level selected by the customer. The Deployment Service has default options in terms of node counts, host operating systems, object storage, and block storage. Expanded options may be selected for higher node counts, more host operating system and storage choices. The anticipated duration is 10-15 business days depending on the options selected. Additional services such as SDN integration or compliance/ security implementation may be further added.

A lighter version of the Deployment Service, called the Remote Deployment Service is also available to customers. This is a 4-day engagement that is entirely performed remotely. This deployment is suitable for customers who do not want any customization and their installation fits within our reference architecture.

CI/ CD Implementation

In this engagement, Mirantis will implement CI/ CD flow for your developer application workloads on top of OpenStack. This service is a continuation of the CI/ CD assessment Service.

For sophisticated users, this service can alternatively implement CI/ CD services for the OpenStack cloud itself to consume the latest bits from the OpenStack trunk.

The implementation phase may optionally be followed by a sustain phase.

Community Engagement Implementation

Activities covered in this implementation phase of Community-as-a-Service (CaaS) include items such as technical specification and blueprint preparation, OpenStack software development / refactoring, open source support and community process training/ knowledge transfer. This service is a continuation of the Community Engagement Assessment Service.

The implementation phase may optionally be followed by a sustain phase.

Application & Services Catalog Implementation

Once you have completed an assessment of the application, developer tools and services that you want to offer to your private cloud users. And you have determined that the Murano application catalog is the right vehicle, Mirantis Application & Services Catalog Implementation will help you with the coding and testing required to offer these applications as Murano packages. Once this service is completed, your users will be able to deploy applications with a click-of-a-button, whether they are simple one-VM applications or distributed applications with complex dependencies.

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