OpsCare for Mirantis Cloud Platform

Successful cloud delivery depends on operational discipline supporting the paradigm of large distributed systems designed for failures and resiliency. Cloud operations require rapid and continuous delivery of features and enhancements into production – a new operational model.

  • Rigorous monitoring and alerting with inherent insight into service-level dependencies
  • CI/CD pipelines that validate updates, promote frequent incremental changes into production, and support seamless upgrades with zero downtime
  • Automated deployment, scaling, and failover and treating Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

With OpsCare, you can focus on your business by allowing Mirantis to focus on your cloud infrastructure for you. We take care of deployment, operations, and change management; and proactively resolve issues before you even experience them – around the clock.

  • Operations team & tooling 100% focused on the success of your cloud operations
  • No vendor lock-in throughout the lifecycle
  • The benefits of public cloud without the need for cloud infrastructure experts
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On Premises or in the Colo of Your Choice

Mirantis Cloud Platform logo

Mirantis Cloud Platform

Utilize our agile infrastructure platform in the location of your choice with the confidence knowing it’s deployed and maintained by the industry’s leading open source experts with hundreds of customer deployments in production.

DriveTrain Continuous Delivery Pipeline logo

DriveTrain Continuous Delivery (CD) Pipeline

Fully adopt the rapid and continuous cloud delivery model through configuration and deployment management enabled by an integrated CD staging system. This includes fully automated in-service upgrades of components such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Tungsten Fabric.

StackLight logo

StackLight OSS

The 100% open source Operations Support System provides secure connectivity to your cloud and rich data to optimize service delivery provided through a DevOps Portal, which significantly reduces the complexity of Day 2 operations and enables operators to manage larger clouds with greater uptime. If later you choose to transfer cloud operations to your own team, you can continue delighting your users with the same toolchain.

Mirantis Remote Operations

Proactive Monitoring, Alerting

Mirantis is monitoring your cloud, preventing issues before they even occur, and providing automated alerts around the clock – so you don’t have to.

Monthly KPI Governance

Metrics trending the SLA compliance as well as active use and capacity planning for your cloud – a monthly conversation with your Customer Success Manager to strategize cloud adoption and success.

Designated Customer Success Manager

The named CSM that understands your cloud and the way you prefer to do business – a partnership that maximizes the value of your cloud.

Support 24x7x365

Our highest level of incident and problem management providing the expertise and resolution to your infrastructure issues.

View incident response times in Support Subscription brochure.

Operational Management

Change requests from your users? Maintenance to keep your cloud in tip top shape? Let Mirantis handle this for you within maintenance windows you define.

Up to 99.99% SLA

Four nines of availability at the OpenStack and/or Kubernetes layer – our commitment to you.

VIDEO: Managed Open Cloud at AT&T

As NFV continues to transform the networking industry, a similar transformation is occurring in media and entertainment with virtualization of media functions. In this session, AT&T Entertainment Group discusses how they have applied some of the core concepts of virtualization and cloud-native designs in a recently launched OTT streaming service.