Our Comprehensive IT/OPS Transfer Process

Match the timing of the ops transfer for your OpenStack cloud and the maturity of your IT operations with a comprehensive and customized transfer plan that we jointly develop with you. This phased approach will result in your IT operations assuming responsibility for management of the OpenStack cloud.


Operational design review and creation of the joint transfer plan


Mirantis provides software and operations training followed by shadow operations


Migration to your IT/OPS with Mirantis OpenStack support subscriptions

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#1 OpenStack Training

Learn how to operate Mirantis Cloud Platform and advance your skills in OpenStack, Kubernetes and related technologies through expertly led, hands-on training from Mirantis Training. In addition to teaching a 100% pure open cloud curriculum, Mirantis Training offers a variety of course levels and locations worldwide to fit any training needs.

  • 6 Years in training for OpenStack
  • 100% free of vendor-specific content
  • 10,000 training and certified
  • 85 locations available
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Enterprise-class Support

Get the confidence you need to operate your open source cloud without requiring an army of engineers through our enterprise-class support subscription. Increase your uptime and the value of your solution backed by our expert open cloud engineers. The subscription includes Mirantis Cloud Platform with updates, notifications, upgrades and support. Match your needs with the different service level agreements we offer by choosing ProdCare (24×7) or LabCare (8×5) support.

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100% Open-Source

Unshackle yourself from vendor lock-in with our 100% open-source software. Everything we do is in the community and upstream first. Influence the engineering community or even contribute code to meet your unique requirements, as opposed to battling layers of gatekeepers just to get your voice heard within proprietary software companies.

Additional Resources

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Join a webinar or live demo by our open source experts

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TCO Calculator

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