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Benchmarking OpenStack at Scale with Rally--A Presentation

- November 12, 2013

Recently we introduced you to one of the freshest OpenStack projects--Rally. At the OpenStack Fall Summit last week, we showed the audience how this benchmarking tool can reveal problems with your OpenStack installation.

As you may recall, Rally is a community-based project that allows OpenStack developers and operators to get relevant and repeatable benchmarking data of how their cloud operates at scale. This wizard deploys your cloud, runs specified scenarios, and gets the results of those tests. The scenarios are based on the:

  • Number of users

  • Number of tenants

  • Concurrency

  • Type of workload

  • Duration

The results reveal the execution time breakdown and failure rates in a graphical form.

Rally’s ongoing goal is to provide a mechanism to easily define workloads, let users benchmark their cloud within specified workload, and provide historical data on all applied optimizations to see if they are going to achieve a better performance.

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