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Congratulations to the K0s team on their new Kubernetes distribution!

Nick Chase - November 12, 2020
We've got a lot going on here at Mirantis, and one thing that's flown under the radar is the K0s project, a real game-changer of a small, fast, robust, easy-to-use Kubernetes distribution. As Adam Parco said on his blog (and believe me, he's excited about this!):  "It is created by the team behind Lens, the Kubernetes IDE project. This new open source project is the spiritual successor to the Pharos Kubernetes distro that was also developed and maintained by the team. I like to say that k0s does for Kubernetes what Docker did for containers." We'll be talking more about K0s in the days to come, but in the meantime we wanted to extend our heartiest congratulations to the team that has worked so hard on it!