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December Training Update: OpenStack Certification, OpenStack Pre-requisites, Havana Update, and New Class Format

Samuel Lee - December 17, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we have a few exciting updates to Mirantis OpenStack training to share with you. We’ve just launched our new OpenStack certification program, we’ve added a new quiz to our online resources, updated our courses to feature the latest changes from OpenStack Havana and we’ve added the option to take 2 or 3 Day Bootcamp for most upcoming lessons.

OpenStack Certification

As demand for knowledge and skills in OpenStack continues to climb, Mirantis OpenStack Certification medallionemployers want to know who will be most able to help them deploy and manage their OpenStack clouds. Now, we’ve made it possible to validate your expertise in OpenStack with our new, accredited OpenStack Ceritfication program.

Mirantis’ OpenStack certification is completely vendor-agnostic, and centered around the latest Havana release of OpenStack. When you become a Mirantis Certified Technician for OpenStack, you're showing current or future employers that you are an expert at both deploying and operating OpenStack environments. While it's not required, we highly recommend that you participate in Mirantis OpenStack training before attempting to pass the Mirantis OpenStack certification exam.

Our testing will be administrated through Kryterion at hundreds of convenient testing centers worldwide. Get even more details and sign up here.

OpenStack Pre-requisites Assessment

If you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum, and are interested in starting out with OpenStack, we've updated our Online Resources to help you baseline your skill level. Having a good understanding of Linux is an essential foundation to have when beginning to learn OpenStack. Check out our new OpenStack Pre-requisites quiz to help gauge where you stack up with your Linux knowledge and see if you are ready to get started with OpenStack and begin your journey towards becoming certified in OpenStack.

OpenStack Training, Now Updated for Havana

Once you've aced the OpenStack pre-requisites assessment, you'll want to take a training course that will truly help you become an OpenStack expert and that features the most current version of OpenStack. Our training staff has been hard at work to update our courses with the latest changes that come with OpenStack Havana, and we’re pleased to announce that they have arrived. If you want to be amongst the first to be trained with the latest Havana updates, be sure to check out one of our courses in Mountain View, London, Austin, Portland, Seattle, or New York. Don't see anything nearby? Send us a request for a course near you.

2 or 3 Day Option for Bootcamp

Ready to try out Mirantis' Havana-updated OpenStack training, but not sure you have time for the third and final day? Mirantis is now introducing the option to take a course in either the 2 or 3 day format for most of our upcoming courses. To see the full list of courses available in the 2 Day Bootcamp format, click here. For the 3 day schedule, click here.

From our online OpenStack pre-requisites assessment, to our Havana-updated 2 and 3 Day OpenStack Bootcamps, to our OpenStack certification program, we’re always dedicated to helping people take their careers to the next level with the help of OpenStack. What other updates to our OpenStack training are you interested in seeing in the future?

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